Rick Perry Has Thrown Hat Into the Ring


Rick Perry has thrown his hat into the ring of the presidential election. He is making his comeback after his loss in the 2012 election. It was surely a memorable loss that opponents may use against him. He proved to have trouble speaking coherent sentences at his debate against Romney, so he has a lot to live up to this round.

When announcing the official running for president on Thursday, he did not fail in impressing his supporters. He made quite the appearance after his wife had edified him and given him a proper introduction. A Perry-style rap song was playing as he was walking up to the podium. The song was really a slightly altered version of Colt Ford’s Answer To No One. The beginning of the song went, “Rick Perry supporter, let’s protect our border / To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA / Rick Perry all the way,” followed by the original song’s chorus.

He is more than excited and fully prepared for the election this time around. It was revealed that the struggling candidate seen on television back in 2011 was trying to recover from a surgery. No one had really seemed to care since he supposedly likes to put up a tough-man persona. His wife had announced that he has been preparing himself for this upcoming election. He has been reading books to develop himself personally and practiced public speaking before his hat was thrown in the ring. Perry is a completely different man this year, than back in 2011 according to her.

The former Texas Governor used to serve in the Air Force. His view on foreign policy is to deal with the current crisis with “boots on the ground” troops. He believes that to deal with ISIS, troops have to be deployed to get rid of them. He is also opposed to any treaties with Iran regarding nuclear weapons. Perry seeks to assist Israel in removing Hamas’s weapons throughout Gaza.

Like many Republicans, he is skeptical that human behavior causes climate change and believes federal efforts to suppress it would harm the economy. The Texas governor is very pro-business. The Lone Star state saw job growth under Perry’s leadership for his last five years in office. He plans to keep taxes low, which is what he says helped economic growth in Texas.

His stance on social issues is the same as any other GOP member. He is opposed to same-sex marriage which may need some re-thinking if he wants to woo a larger crowd. When it comes to immigration, his rap song clearly describes where he stands. “Let’s protect our border,” is his stance in preventing illegal immigration.

Perry supporters are relying on his track record to prove his worth in the White House. He did happen to boast about it too, during his announcing to run for president.  “I have been tested. I have led the most successful state in America,” is what he claims. The boasting may either help or hurt him, but numbers do not lie at the end of the day. Perry’s hat has officially been thrown into the ring, and his credentials prove to stand out amongst other Republican candidates.

By Frank Grados

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Photo Courtesy of Ed Schipul’s Flickr Page Photo by Ed Schipul – Creative Commons License

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