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Oklahoma Tornadoes May Hit Again



As many tornadoes have recently hit Oklahoma, more may soon hit again. Being tornado watch number 338 on the Storm Prediction Center, weather specialists are estimating the possibility of several tornadoes touching ground and causing destruction tonight. These tornadoes may only be as mild as EF2, but along with severe wind and hail, Oklahoma residents may see much damage to the surrounding areas.

The area estimated to be the most effected is Norman, Oklahoma. They are stating that the tornado watch is currently being held for Monday night to Tuesday morning. As well, other places such as Northern parts of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, and Southern parts of Michigan are also under tornado watch.

Wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour are possible, as well as hail with a two-inch diameter. Sources state that a cold front is moving into the area and that is the cause for the severity of the storm. The Storm Prediction Center states that the storm could become more severe as it continues. They are recommending that residents in the area take shelter for the night, and continue to listen for more warnings.

Oklahoma tornadoes have come in spades and now they may hit again. With the possibility being, most likely, EF2 tornadoes, residents may not see a lot of damage. On the other hand severe hail and wind may help the tornadoes before and after they touch down. As Oklahoma residents are used to this type of weather storming through the area they will hopefully be prepared. As the storm continues, it is sure that weather services will help keep people on guard.

By Crystal Boulware


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