P Diddy UCLA Arrest Alleges Deadly Assault

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Rapper and music producer P Diddy, born Sean Combs, was recently put under arrest at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) after he allegedly assaulted one of the coaches, an assault that was almost deadly. Diddy supposedly swung a kettlebell at coach Sal Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach. Sources state that if the kettlebell would have hit the coach, it might have killed him. The weight did miss the coach, and it is said that Diddy was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for the throw, and was also charged after grabbing the coach during an altercation. Comb’s son Justin is a junior defensive back on the team at UCLA, and sources state that Diddy was on the sidelines when the assistant coach (though it was not specifically stated to be Alosi just assumed) was yelling at Justin fiercely during practice. It appears that P Diddy did not take too kindly to this tough love.

The P Diddy UCLA arrest is not the first time that the rapper has had problems. However, it is also not the first time that Coach Alosi has had problems either. Both men were seen having an altercation but it is said that others acted quickly in resolving the situation. UCLA coach Jim Mora said that he believed his staff acted with a great level of professionalism. He said it is unfortunate for the parties involved, and that a full investigation would take place.

P Diddy will be moved from UCLA where he was arrested, due to an assault that almost turned deadly, and he will be transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Inmate Reception Center, stated Mora. Until the investigation is complete, Mora stated that UCLA will not have further comment.

By Crystal Boulware


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