Over 100 Presumed Dead After Military Transport Plane Crashes in Indonesia [Update]

plane crashOn Tuesday, a military transport plane crashed in a residential area in Medan, Indonesia. According to initial reports, over 100 are presumed dead.

Military officials stated the Hercules C-130 transport plane struck two houses and a hotel after it fell from the sky, and then exploded in a massive fireball. Currently, there is no information regarding the cause of the accident or an exact number of fatalities.

An Indonesian Air Force spokesman told reporters there were no survivors among the 113 on board the plane. As of now, around 50 bodies have been recovered from the scene and taken to a nearby hospital as fire crews try to extinguish the multiple-alarm blaze.

Reports state there are people still trapped inside the demolished buildings that surround the crash site. Authorities state a major rescue operation is under way to extract more of the scores of bodies on board and those who may be trapped in the wreckage.

The plane was said to have hit so hard that the only recognizable component of the plane is a portion of the tail of the aircraft. The debris field is said to extend for blocks.

According to the most recent reports, 74 have been confirmed dead. There is no information regarding how many are wounded.

By Alex Lemieux



BBC News: Scores Dead in Indonesia Plane Crash

Photo Courtesy of Airwolfhound’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License