Prison Inmate Dies After Assault, Investigation Ongoing

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A prison inmate who was incarcerated in Mount Olive, West Virginia, has died after engaging in an assault-related incident. An investigation is said to be ongoing as a result of the man’s passing.

David Munday is reported to have assaulted a correctional staff member on Friday, June 12. Allegedly, another member of staff tried to intervene during the conflict and ended up getting injured as a result. A Public Spokesman, Lawrence Messina, has since given the statement that once another individual became involved Munday became aggressive and had to be restrained in order to better protect both those around him as well as himself. Following this, the man was said to have suffered a “medical episode” and was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but ending up passing away before anything could be done for his condition.

The prisoner in question is said to have been serving time for shooting a member of law enforcement in 2002, although no more details regarding his arrest or the circumstances surrounding it are known as of yet. Mount Olive, the prison in which the inmate died, is an all-male prison which is listed as a maximum security kind. The investigation in question is still ongoing, in order to decipher whether or not the inmate’s death is worthy of any potential intervention on the justice system’s part.

By Chanel van der Woodsen

Sources: – Prison inmate dies at Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Photo Courtesy of Cathy’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons Licebse