Rick Perry Taken to Task by Tweets for Accidental Comments


Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, is under fire for his recent comments during an interview discussing the Charleston shooting. The Washington Post reports in the interview he used the word “accident” when describing the actions that took place. Perry was taken to task by tweets for his accidental comments and has since had to apologize.

In an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax on Friday June 19, 2015, the candidate was asked his thoughts on the recent Charleston shooting. Most agree that this shooting was racially motivated, in fact, authorities have confirmed the shooter confessed to this. As part of his response, the Texan used the word “accident” when discussing this shooting. Furthermore, he mentioned prescription drug abuse making a link to the two.

Since this interview, Twitter has exploded with the public’s reaction. San Antonio Current points out how explicitly and emotionally people have responded to his choice of words. In this newspaper’s and many of the tweeters’ opinions, he is an embarrassment to the state of Texas.

Malzberg wrote another article for Newsmax explaining his interview further. In this article, Malzberg says earlier in the interview Perry was commenting on how horrible he thought the event was before making the mistake. Malzberg comes to the defense of the candidate claiming the other stories are taking his quote out of context to begin with and that in his opinion it was clearly a slip of the tongue.

The Washington Post also reported that a spokesman for the campaign claims the former governor meant to use the word “incident” but misspoke. They note how Perry is against Obama’s call for gun control and how he also discussed this in the interview. The candidate suggests President Obama used this as a platform to discuss gun laws.

PerryAfter this interview, people’s tweets had taken Perry to task for his accidental comment. As expressed on the social media site, many of these people do not agree with the governor on a number of his beliefs. He is a conservative running in the primary election on the Republican side of the election.

The website, On the Issues, lists the governor’s stance on all major issues developing in American policies. They show the year his position on certain topics was expressed as well. On the Issues notes that he is against Obamacare and he put forth a $50 million nursing initiative to bring in more nurses. On the economy, they express Perry is for decreased spending and against tax hikes. As far as immigration is concerned, the candidate was last heard stating he is for securing the Mexican border.

CNN broke the news that at the Faith and Freedom Coalition the former governor spoke condemning the heinous shooting. They reference his speech and that he talks about how it is more than the taking of black lives but also Christian lives. He spoke out against acts of hate and violence. CNN also shares how the candidate says there may be a need for a discussion on gun control.

However, in the same article, CNN points out that Perry made a statement against the “knee-jerk reaction” to automatically blame guns when there are obviously underlying issues at hand. He has been documented on his belief in bearing arms and says there needs to be further discussion on these issues.

Nonetheless, he still misspoke in his interview and people caught it regardless of whatever else the Presidential candidate may have said. People quickly took to Twitter voicing their opinions and feelings, taking Perry to task in tweets for his accidental comments. He is currently on the campaign trail for his primary run. This time there is an extremely wide Republican field and the debates are on their way.

By Megan Hellmann


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