Rob Kardashian Joining Caitlyn Jenner’s Reality Show to Spite Kris?


Rob Kardashian is reportedly planning his first TV appearance since gaining a whopping 130lbs on Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming reality show, I Am Cait. According to reports, the reality star made the decision to spite his mother Kris Jenner after she was said to have purposely exploited his battle with depression to keep the Keeping Up With the Kardashians ratings high.

KUWTK’s ratings have been a sinking ship in its most-recent season as majority of the episodes have tanked below 2 million viewers, evidently showing clear signs that people are no longer interested in seeing the family and their scripted drama on television. Instead, sources say that everybody is anticipating for the premiere of the Olympic champ’s forthcoming docu-series which is said to focus on all things relating to the 65-year-old’s life after his transition to becoming a woman.

According to outlets, with Jenner being very likely to have a hit show on his hands, Kardashian wants to be a part of the program. While the 28-year-old has been very quiet on his weight gain struggle, he supposedly thinks that showing his support for his step-father while addressing his own issues could do him some good. Fans of the infamous family had already figured that the former sock designer was still dealing with his depression since June 17th was the first time the public had seen him since last year.

He has kept a relatively low profile hoping to avoid photographers who ridiculed him for his weight gain following his trip to Kim Kardashian’s wedding in Italy last year. The reality star went on to share his frustration on Twitter, venting that he is not happy with the way that he looks and that those who had made fun of him were not helping the matter in any way.

Insiders say that though Kardashian has not been appearing on reality television as of late, he wants to make his return on Jenner’s forthcoming show. Outlets claim that it is not so much about being back in the limelight, but more or less about the fact that the 28-year-old is fuming over how his mother has allegedly used his depression struggle as a way to format more income for herself.

The momager made her son seem as if he was unable to control his own lifestyle by admitting in front of the cameras that she was still handing Kardashian a weekly allowance while he comfortably stays in his sister’s home. The 59-year-old then famously hired a therapist to help the troubled USC-graduate get his life back on track, fearing that her only son could potentially die from his ongoing weight gain battle that has undoubtedly taken over his life.

Kardashian firmly believes that the antics were disingenuous, reportedly having told pals that if his mother was so worried about his well-being, she would not have exposed his problems for the world to know. I Am Cait is already said to be one of the most anticipated shows of the summer, and with the astounding ratings that Jenner has drawn in recent interview specials, E! is looking at a huge win with this forthcoming series. Kardashian hopes to join his step-father on his show, hoping that with KUWTK returning around the same time, 59-year-old Jenner will see her empire slowly collapse, starting with her TV-show.

By Maurice Cassidy


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