‘Multiple Fatalities’ After Plane Crash in Massachusetts

plane crashOn Sunday, a small plane crashed in a residential area in Plainville, Massachusetts. According to authorities, firefighters are responding to the scene. Intitial reports state there have been bodies discovered at the scene.

Firefighters on scene stated there were, “multiple fatalities,” after the plane crashed into a residential house in a Plainville neighborhood. The plane went down on Bridle Path near outskirts of the town.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed to local officials that a Beechcraft BE36 light aircraft that took off from a small airport in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the plane that crashed into the house. According to the FAA, the plane was en route to Norwood with three passengers on board.

Local authorities stated when firefighters arrived at the scene the house was ablaze, with debris from a small aircraft scattered around the property. Four people that were still in the house got out unscathed moments after the crash happened. Fire officials stated the damage to the house results in an absolute loss.

There is no information regarding the identifies of the deceased. Law enforcement officials will continue to send immediate response to the scene.

By Alex Lemieux


WHGH 7 News: ‘Multiple fatalities’ after plane crashes into Plainville house

Photo Courtesy of Robert Magina’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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