TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Is Not the New World Order


It seems like there is always a conspiracy going on within the government – that they are secretly out to harm the American people. Lately, the banning of confederate flags has stirred up controversy and attention in the online world. Soon after, SCOTUS had declared marriage equality is a constitutionally protected right, which henceforth allowed homosexuals the right to wed. According to various “reliable” sources, those two coincidentally timed instances were just a distraction for a very sinister bill to pass. A bill that “outright surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations,” and kills American jobs. Despite the convincing argument, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is not the New World Order, as many are claiming.

There was paranoia spreading that this would cause major job loss, as well as give corporations the ultimate power. Allegedly, a handle of corporations are conspiring against the world for total control. The TPP is not meant to transfer ruling power to a big business. Although there will be some jobs outsourced to another country, it will not cause such a big damage as is being portrayed.

Free trade agreements have been proven to work. Despite arguments that people at home will lose jobs, the agreements work at a bigger scale. The entire economy benefits as a whole, and international business is encouraged. NAFTA was one of the most successful ones, and numbers do not lie. It created the world’s biggest area of free trade between United States, Canada and Mexico. The economic output of these countries was greater than the entire 28-country European Union. When trade barriers are removed, business will be encouraged.

The TPP is not the New World Order, and should cause no fear in anyone. It is an agreement between 12 rapidly developing countries, designed to reduce trade barriers amongst one another. If only three countries managed to create the world’s largest economic powerhouse, then the possibilities for twelve countries is exponentially larger.

TPP will encourage the export of U.S-made goods. Normally, to ship out products to other countries, the costs not only includes the shipping but also includes tariffs imposed by other countries. Those tariffs then force the producer to drive up the price of the product or goods, which will reduce the likelihood of it being bought. When those tariffs are reduced, or dropped altogether, it allows the exporter to better compete with businesses in the importing country. A lot of small business owners, who sell their products online, will be able to provide better pricing for overseas clients.

Jobs will most likely be outsourced because of the TPP, but it should not be something that people become overly dramatic over. It is basic economic knowledge that an enterprise’s main goal is to reduce cost, as well as maximize profit – if resources can be found cheaper elsewhere, then why should the entrepreneur not choose the option? Cheaper resources allow lower prices for the consumers. The outsourcing jobs will provide employment opportunity for the other countries in the agreement. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the TPP will “enforce fundamental labor rights,” which means there should be no fear of evil business owners making slaves of employees.

The passing of TPP should not cause anyone to believe that it is the New World Order. It should make consumers happy because of new products which will begin to flood the markets, as well as please entrepreneurs who seek to do business overseas or invest.

Opinion by Frank Grados

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


About News: Advantages of NAFTA


Office of U.S Trade Representative: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Photo Courtesy of Flazingo Photo’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

2 Responses to "TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Is Not the New World Order"

  1. Michele   June 30, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Did you even read the leaked texts?!?!?! Presumably NOT. You are correct that numbers don’t lie;however, people lie about numbers. The July 10, 2014 letter to Froman from Rosa L DeLauro along with 12 other members of the house clearly exemplify this tactic. The letter expresses a valid concern that Froman had been and still is using “distorted trade data that artificially inflates U.S. export levels and minimizers our nation’s trade deficit.” Besides that I’m certain that you’ve heard that the TPP is an international treaty NOT a trade deal. This fact is clearly represented by Senator Sessions in his two unanswered leterrs to President Obama.

  2. Robert Valko   June 29, 2015 at 6:29 am

    Ooh because you alone were allowed to read it so you know so well what it is or to be more specific what it isn’t? Calling it the New World Order is going over board for sure, but to say it is a step in a much larger plan for Globalization… That’s not a tin foil hat conspiracy that’s a fact that can be read and is open and public unlike the trade bill itself. Anything done in secret is cause for concern, Kennedy understood this, it’s too bad everyone else doesn’t!


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