Sacramento International Airport Survives Bomb Threat


Sacramento International Airport is getting its operation back to normal today, June 7, after surviving a bomb threat that brought airport services to a grinding halt. Officials became concerned by a bomb threat related to a Delta flight from Minneapolis. The plane was grounded on the taxiway at Sacramento upon its routine arrival at the California airport around 7.21pm. Staff and passengers are said to be relieved that the threat did not amount to anything more serious.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff in Washington D.C. had alerted officials in Sacramento of the possible bomb risk, stating that they had received information suggesting up to ten planes nationally were suspected of containing suicide bombers equipped with homemade explosives. Sgt. Lisa Bowman of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department stated that the Sacramento authorities were then able to alert the airport and proceed with the strict security protocols in place for such situations. Passengers on the Delta flight 2371 were detained aboard the aircraft as it was held at a northern runaway away from the terminal, before Sheriff Airport Explosive Detection sniffer dog teams were brought in to do a thorough search of the plane and passengers. Luckily, nothing untoward was discovered.Sacramento

To ensure no further risk to Sacramento International Airport and the survival of all staff and customers, investigations into the bomb threat continued within the terminal. In a statement emailed to news group KCRA, a spokesperson for the Delta airline said, “Customers were re-screened following the aircraft’s arrival in Sacramento and subsequently cleared to deplane to the terminal,” however the passengers had a long wait ahead of them as all of the luggage on board the Delta flight 2371 also had to be inspected. All 131 passengers and five crew members aboard the flight were said to be calm and cooperative during the investigation.

Just after 10pm on Saturday, June 6, officials announced that there was no credible threat to either the planes or terminal at the Californian airport, however government officials will not be relaxing their guard just yet as this is not the first bomb threat that American transport services have had to survive this week. On Tuesday, June 2, Federal authorities are reported to have received threats regarding the safety of several commercial airline flights, including the suspicion of multiple explosive devices aboard the US Airways flight 648. Travelling from San Diego to Philadelphia, the flight landed safely at Philadelphia International Airport and was subjected to the same security protocols as the Sacramento Delta flight 2371. Flight 648 was said to contain 88 passengers and five crew members. FBI officials were not prepared to divulge the details of any other aircraft or airport included in the bomb threats, but was hasten to add that they take aviation security very seriously and were prepared to work with law enforcement and prosecutors to identify and charge those responsible.

By Alison Klippenstein


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