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Video game fans rejoice, because a hall of fame has officially been announced and made its debut in New York’s Strong Museum. There are halls of fame for various things like music, sports, and business – it is now refreshing to see a Hall of Fame dedicated for video games. Upon its debut, the first six games were announced to claim their rightful place.

Anyone who was born after the 1970s knows the big impact that video games had on people’s lives. The world was introduced to an entertainment system where a player is able to electronically control a character. As the 2000s were approaching, video games began taking an immense turn. Graphics kept getting better as new games were released, complex story-lines were being introduced, and voice acting become integrated. Once the new century came, video games started becoming more life-like and the rise of the internet allowed players to engage cooperatively with other people without leaving their house. Old-school games have also been remade to be custom-tailored to the technology of the 21st century.

To this day, games are still being updated and amazing fans each year. Interactive virtual reality games have been announced to be under testing. There are no limits to the gaming world.

Just like sports, gaming has created a community of camaraderie. Online multi-player games have allowed people to make friends with others from around the world. It sure is not the best way to make friends, but it is a good alternative for those who are very socially anxious. Internet forums have popped up where people discuss and comment about their favorite games. Conventions have come to fruition where all video game fanatics are invited to mingle with other fans and get an inside look into new games. Tournaments have allowed expert players to test their skills against others to be compensated. There are people who make a living competing in these tournaments. Video games have shaped lifestyles and now it is fitting that they be honored with the Hall of Fame’s debut.

Doom, the 1993 first-person shooter made it to the list. The story revolved around a marine who had to fight his way through various demons on earth. The software engine went on to inspire a load of other games.

Pac-Man also made the list. Who can forget the arcade classic? Hours of munching on pellets and running away from evil ghosts is reminiscent of the childhood of many early gamers. The game went on to create a ton of other spin offs and had been adopted to various consoles. The beloved Pac-Man will be making a starring appearance in the new movie, Pixels.

Pong is most definitely a classic and is thought to be one of the first video games (it is not). It came out in 1972 and entertained millions with simply two sticks and a ball.

Tetris, the Russian-designed video game was a huge hit when it premiered on Game Boy Color. The theme song was tremendously popular among players as well. Dubstep producer, Doctor P created his own remix of the renowned song and has over 500 thousand plays on his Soundcloud.

Super Mario Bros. of course made the list. Mario can be considered one of the most recognized faces in video gaming. It is not a surprise the game made it to the Hall of Fame. The number of video games that have the word “Mario” in the name, or any Super Mario Bros. character, is in the hundreds.

World Of Warcraft is the only game on the list that came out after the year 2000. This online MMORPG took the video game world by storm and exploded in popularity. People from all over the globe were able to participate in the vast ever-expanding world of Azeroth. The only things required to play are a computer with internet, $15 dollars every month, and a whole load of time. The game allows players to custom create a character from a list of races, name them, embark on missions, interact and fight against other participants.  Despite the game being extremely addictive and time-consuming, it is incredibly fun. The hilarious and famous YouTube clip, Leeroy Jenkins which became an internet meme took place in a World Of Warcraft game.

The debut of the Hall of Fame for video games announced a very fitting lineup. The nominations for the next round is currently going on until March and winners are announced late 2016.

Opinion by Frank Grados

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Photo Courtesy of Matt Downham’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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