Skinny Jeans More Than Just Uncomfortable, They Could Be Dangerous Too

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Skinny jeans have been making recent headlines and not in a good way. An Australian woman, who is 35 years old, apparently got stuck in her skinny jeans and was forced to check herself into the hospital, according to People Magazine. She was found lying on the ground and was rushed to the hospital. It seems that skinny jeans are more than just uncomfortable, they could be dangerous too in certain situations.

She had been wearing the jeans while helping someone move from one home to another and the repeated squatting and overall movement caused the muscles in her legs to swell. The woman started feeling numbness in her feet and fell over from the loss of sensation. Unfortunately, she had been on the ground for hours before being discovered.

Upon entering the hospital, her ankles were extremely weak and her legs were so swollen that her jeans had to be cut off of her. She was treated with intravenous hydration and released after four days. She recovered completely, but it was a close call. Doctors are saying that this may be a more serious issue than people realize. Wearing this type of jeans can cause a neurological issue called tibial neuropathies, which causes a loss of feeling and movement in the legs, especially the lower part. The tightness of the jeans can cause major complications, according to the People interview. skinny jeans

Dr. Perry Shieh did say that he feels this incident occurred because of the continuous movement involved while wearing pants that were too tight. He also said that this was not a direct result of wearing skinny jeans, they are not dangerous on their own, but can be if they are too tight. Shieh is a professor of neurology at the University of California and also serves as the director of the neuromuscular program there as well. Clearly, in this case, skinny jeans are more than just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous too.

The doctor said that the jeans did not cause the issue themselves, but he warned people about wearing pants that are too tight. When pants are overly tight, the movement is restricted and muscles could get pinched, which can cause severe swelling. Over time, serious muscle damage may occur as a result of continuously wearing too tight of clothing. He added that this will not happen to everyone, but people should be mindful of not wearing tight and restrictive clothing. He advised that individuals might be better off with looser jeans, just as a precaution.

ABC News warned women, in particular, to beware of certain fashion choices, such as skinny jeans after the situation with the Australian woman. Wearing too tight of jeans can cause muscle and nerve damage and the affected woman could have had a very serious situation if proper action was not taken immediately. Dr. Roy Buchinsky, who is a doctor at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center which is in Cleveland, said that people need to keep an eye out for numbness and tingling in the limbs. This is a sign that pressure is already building in the limbs.

Dr. Buchinsky also said that in extreme cases surgery may be necessary. Once the legs or other limbs begin to swell, the muscles can become inflamed and the pressure builds way too much. If the pressure gets too intense, surgery may be the only option to relieve that pressure. In very serious situations, amputation may even be possible. Fortunately, the woman in Australia did not have that severe of consequences. She was put on an IV and bed rest. skinny jeans

BBC News said that women do not need to completely get rid of their skinny jeans; they just need to get a pair that fit properly and are not too tight. The recommendation is to not stay in the same position for too long when wearing the jeans and keep moving throughout the day. If the jeans do start to feel overly tight or painful, one should seek help immediately. In the Australian woman’s case, skinny jeans were more than just uncomfortable, they were dangerous too. People can wear skinny jeans, but just avoid pairs that are too tight in that they can cause nerve and muscle damage in some cases.

By Heather Granruth


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