Sound Waves the Battle of Good Verses Evil

Sound Waves

Sound Waves the battle of good verses evil. These psychoacoustics are a huge scientific area of observation that have still yet to be fully understood. Like a psychoactive mind altering song, it can be at a frequency so low that the person can be affected without any cognition of the event. Sound waves are resounding everywhere at many different levels, and all frequencies, affecting each and every human at a molecular level. The book Messages From Water written by Dr. Emoto represents the actual physiological change of a water molecule, after being put through the test, that has no time: sound waves.

Any person with eyes can see that a direct correlation lay’s between all universal audible sound, and the people who choose to use the word properly. Each moment we can choose if we want to speak life or death into a situation. This Frequency also known as vibration, creating an atmosphere or sensation within your physiological and psychological body system, sending signals to different brain receptor stimuli while transforming the shape of each water molecule at a molecular level, is a power so strong that it can be harnessed for miracles or mass destruction.

Bob Marley should have had a degree as an acoustician in physical science, because his words still resound the good news and light even after Bob’s death, causing a chain affect of happiness every time “Positive Vibrations,” swims through the ears of listeners. It seems as if the search for a metaphysical reality to be proven has been around since the dawn of man, always pointing to sound frequency and structure for a most enlightening point of time. To when is traveling beyond natures limits dangerous and unconstitutional? If this topic would be of linear debate conversation it would be viable, but civilization as a whole have already crossed so many boundaries in science, weaponry, and words of destruction; nothing more can be found, that was not previously created. That being said we have access to a lot of power, leaving the battle of harmony and disarray in each word and thought in the mouth of the speaker.

Physics has no rigid boundaries, no lines or definition; physics is ‘science’s space program’ and physicists are the leaders in exploration and innovation. It just so happens that Col. Mark T. Vande Hei, NASA and United States Army Astronaut and Lead CAPCOM of the International Space Station, is a physicist. Space man of fleet XX is due for flight in 2017 on his first mission out of this world. He received his masters of physics at the College of Saint John’s University in 1989, founded in sixth century Benedictine monastic order. Encouraging each and every student to follow the Rule of Saint Benedict, which contain life values that display a life as Christ would, awareness of God and peace are amongst the other eleven values displayed and taught. As curious as cosmonaut Mark T. may be, his feet are grounded on solid rock as he was taught the living word.

Scientist define sound waves by a wave length, an audible noise or frequency that has the ability to transform human perception by shifting the subconscious level with messages that have ability to heal or maim. As humans, in all of our imperfection we have an amazing gift of speech. Saying audible words that project a force field of molecular movement bringing science fiction and historical healing to the same drawing board, with the power of simply overlooked sound waves.

Physicist, philosopher, and writer Gustav Theodor Fechner had Elemente der Psychophsik published in Lupzig in the year 1860, discussing the psychological properties of physics. This is when the audio acoustics of sound waves started being studied in a more in depth analysis, along with all cause and affects of each vibration that is projected. The United States Department of Defense has funded this high-end brain shifting technology. PsyOps are the top secret psychological operations and the U.S. government has implemented the use of severely scientific sophisticated psychological sound wave warfare. AB116-394-95 is the de-classified pictorial illustrating the brain undergoing an induced form of change.

S.S.S.S. ‘Silent Sound Spread Spectrum’ U.S. Patent #5,159,703, leads this generation into a realm where sound waves have the capacity to heal or hurt. The creator of this fictional healing mechanism’s name is Dr. Oliver Lowery, revolutionizing medicine with Silent Sounds Incorporated. Edward Tilton, president of the worlds most innovative company has claimed there interest of sound waves to alter physiology is only created for positive bio medical feedback. Mr. Tilton said, it is quite known what the Department of Defense’s motive of use for the product is, especially when being used to slightly confuse and disorient the other armed forces.

Sound Waves

As Dr. Terry Hanbrecht claimed, DARPA had hinted to the possibility of science fiction not being so fantasy after all, and agreed that nothing is to imaginary to create in this reality. Physics, curiosity, and the search for answers have taught researchers a lot about frequency. Medical specialists at ‘The Newport Academy’ have healed a range of neurological glitches, auto-immune disorders, persistent pain and much more by using sound waves to penetrate molecules. Given that people speak audibly each and every day, and now knowing how powerful words are, each moment must be a reminder to speak life into others: choosing to the right and light way with sound, instead of destroying.

By Samantha Estock


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Photo Courtesy of Gustav Theodor Fechner


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  1. Mike McKinley   June 3, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    Well put young lady. Eagle power!

  2. mfbalarezo   June 3, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Speak life, not death to all who you come in contact with. Great article! Profound truth scientifically backed. Thanks Samantha!


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