Supreme Court Makes 5-4 Landmark Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

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same-sex marriageWashington DC: The United States Supreme Court makes landmark 5 to 4 ruling on same-sex marriage, officially legalizing gay marriage, “marriage” without the connecting prefix. Hence, no matter what one’s sexual orientation or gender may be the right to marry no longer pertains to marriage between a man and woman.

According to the ruling the majority of the justices cited the 14th Amendment as the constitutional basis to support their decision. Thus, all states are now obligated by law to issue marriage license to same-sex couples.

Pundits have suggested that the decision is a landmark ruling on the same level as the Supreme Court ruling on Abortion and Brown vs. The Board of Education. Prior to Friday’s ruling, thirty-seven states have recognized the right for gays to marry. Interestingly, thirteen states had forbidden unions between members of the same sex.

The “High Court” specifically ruled that the Constitution guarantees due process and equal protection under the law. Hence, gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states and in the territories.

The federal ruling took power away from the states and placed the power of marriage in the hands of the U.S. government.

The 9 justices ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges. The case absorbed three alternative cases which involved approximately twelve couples that had challenged bans in Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Ohio. There were federal ruling in these states that upheld the ban against gay marriage. Friday’s decision not overturns the ban in these states.

The ruling will not take effect immediately, as is custom, the court will give allow three weeks before the law becomes official.

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