The Cooking Channel’s 2015-2016 Lineup

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The Cooking Channel, which is a division of The Food Network, recently announced their 2015-2016 lineup. Many fan favorites are turning to the screen, as well as new series coming in for potential viewership. There are, as with The Food Network, some specialty series accompanying these shows.

New Series:

Tia Mowry at Home (April 2015)
Lorraine Pascale: How to Be a Better Cook (May 2015)
Junk Food Flip (June 2015)
Steak Out with Kix Brooks (July 2015)
Holy and Hungry (August 2015)
Hungry Hungry History (wt) (September 2015)
The Grill Iron (September 2015)
Sugar Showdown (wt) (October 2015)
Untitled Kelsey Nixon Series(wt) (Premiere date TBD 2015)
Secret Eaters (wt) (January 2016)
Sarah Graham’s Food Safari (January 2016)
Chuck Into the Fire (wt) (Q1 2016)
Star Plates (wt) (TBD 2016)

The aforementioned marks the new series that will air on The Cooking Channel over the next year. The upcoming section, however, reflects the shows that TCC has chosen to renew for another season.

Returning Series:

Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers (for a second season) (April 2015)
The Real Girl’s Kitchen (for a second season) (April 2015)
Man Fire Food (for a fourth season) (July 2015)
Carnival Eats (for a second season) (July 2015)
Taco Trip (for a second season) (August 2015)
My Grandmother’s Ravioli (for a fourth season) (August 2015)
Simply Laura (for a second season) (September 2015)
Pizza Masters (for a second season) (September 2015)
Unique Sweets (for a sixth season) (October 2015)
Sweet Julia (for a second season) (October 2015)
Unwrapped 2.0 (for a second season) (October 2015)

This list reflects the renewed series on The Cooking Channel’s 2015-2016 lineup. Next, the specialty shows that the network has to offer are reflected.


Top 20 Hot and Spicy Countdown with Aarón Sánchez (April 2015)
Big Bad BBQ Battle (May 2015)
GRUBsessed! (June 2015)
Summertime Cravings with Haylie Duff (July 2015)
The Great Chicken Wing Hunt (July 2015)
Patti LaBelle Special (wt) (September 2015)
Rosanna Pansino Baking Specials (wt) (October/December 2015)

As well as airing the aforementioned series on television, The Cooking Channel’s 2015-2016 lineup also has online-only specials. The following list reflects the series that are only available via the internet.

the cooking channel

Online Only:


Chopped: After Hours (year-round, 2015)
Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton’s After-Show (year-round, 2015)
The Kitchen (year-round, 2015)
Cutthroat Kitchen: Testing the Sabotages (year-round, 2015)
Smart Carts: Winning the Supermarket with Melissa d’Arabian (Spring 2015)
Ease Into Spring (April 2015)
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (April 2015)
How to Dine Out (April 2015)
Cinco de Mayo (April/May 2015)
Memorial Day (May 2015)
Local Flavor (May 2015)
Grilling Central (May-September 2015)
How to Win Summer (June 2015)
Star Salvation (June/July 2015)
Tailgating (June-November 2015)
Back to School (August 2015)
Thanksgiving (November 2015)
Duff’s Sweet Spot (November 2015)
Holiday Central (December 2015)
12 Days of Cookies (December 2015)
Kitchen Fails (wt) (Premiere date TBD 2015)


Cinco de Mayo (April/May 2015)
Mother’s Day (May 2015)
101 Ways to Love Summer (May-September 2015)
Oktober Fest (October 2015)
Halloween Entertaining (October 2015)
Thanksgiving (November 2015)
Holidays (December 2015)

By Chanel van der Woodsen

The Cooking Channel’s 2015-2016 lineup certainly proposes some interesting concepts for new shows, as well as renewing old favorites. Viewers of the popular cooking series variety will be quite delighted at the Cooking Channel’s new line-up, as it provides them with both the shows they know and love as well as series they can become attached to over the next few months.


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