‘The Crow’ Remake Might Not Happen After All

the crow

the crow

In March 2015, it was announced that the hit 1994 horror film The Crow was getting a remake. However, in light of recent events, it turns out that this may not happen after all.

In regards to the aforementioned recent events; just the other day, the second actor who was set to play the lead role chose to exit out of this endeavor, leaving producers of the film to now scramble for yet another replacement. The first to walk away from this opportunity was Luke Evans, who has previously starred in Dracula Untold. The 36-year-old’s decision took place near the end of January, and his reasoning is said to have surrounded his wish to pursue other projects instead.

His replacement was Jack Huston, best known for his role on Boardwalk Empire. On June 15, 2015, however, Variety published a news piece detailing the actor’s exit from the film. He is said to have had issues with scheduling, and therefore decided that taking up the role of Eric Draven was not in his best interest at this time. Upon the revelation of this information, it hit excited fans that the highly anticipated The Crow remake may not actually happen after all.

the crow

Shortly after the actor’s withdrawal from the project, director Corin Hardy issued a statement detailing his sorrow and regret that the 32-year-old could not take part in the film. His exact words were, “Jack Huston is unfortunately unavailable to continue with us on ‘The Crow,'”. He also referred to The Crow as an “amazing project” and expressed his excitement towards the casting crew finding themselves a new male actor to take on the role. The production crew is said to begin filming over the next several weeks, and therefore it is crucial that they find an appropriate cast member to fill the void left by the aforementioned two actors.

The movie itself is said to be somewhat cursed, given what happened to the original lead actor, Brandon Lee back in 1993 on the set of the film. His official cause of death is listed as what is believed to be a brain hemorrhage, after being accidentally shot. Allegedly, a gun loaded with full power blanks had been given to Michael Massee, without the weapons coordinator’s knowledge that a bullet had become dislodged from a previous film shot and had thus lodged itself in the gun’s barrel. Upon shooting a scene involving the firing of said “blank filled” weapon, Lee was struck with the real bullet and died as a result. The eerie thing is, the 28-year-old had reportedly expressed premonitions of his on-set death, matching that of his father Bruce Lee. The former star of The Crow, who died on March 31, was to be married to Eliza Hutton less than three weeks later, on April 17.

The news that The Crow remake might not happen after all does not come as much of a surprise for most, given the aforementioned cursed status of the film. Indeed, the various attempts to re-establish the film’s legacy have been plagued with fires, deaths, and film set catastrophes alike over the years. For this reason, the likelihood that production will find themselves another prominent lead male in this endeavor is viewed as highly unlikely; however, anything is possible in the Hollywood realm.

Written and Edited By Chanel van der Woodsen


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