Jimmy Fallon and James Taylor Were ‘Two James Taylors’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests on the Tonight Show this Wednesday were actor Mark Ruffalo, who stars in Infinitely Polar Bear, and Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman, from A Little Chaos. The Tonight Show‘s musical guest was the incomparable singer, James Taylor. Life has its ups and downs, as Fallon and James Taylor proved, when they sang a song together later on the Tonight Show, as two James Taylors.

Tonight Show host, Fallon, got a standing ovation from the audience as he strolled onto the stage. Then, he proceeded to do his monologue, joking about topics like the two prisoners who escaped from the prison in New York. He showed a sketch of what they might look like after one year, if they had plastic surgery done, then after two years. That second photo looked just like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

Fallon said “Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA Finals!” He said that it had to have been difficult for one of the sports announcers to talk about it, as he had been the coach of the Warriors last year before he got fired.

Another topic Fallon joked about was Donald Trump announcing that he was running for the presidency. Trump said in his often rambling speech that if he had Oprah as his running mate, he would easily win. The Tonight Show host said that Oprah would, instead, probably try to out Trump.

Jeb Bush, Fallon joked, was also in the presidential race. Bush was just on the Tonight Show last night, and he was pretty funny then, but he was not that funny during his campaign speech. The “That’s what she said,” jokes that Fallon came up with, related to the speech that Bush made, were hilarious, though.

Tonight Show host, Fallon, mentioned who were some upcoming guests, then he said that tonight’s guests would be Mark Ruffalo and Alan Rickman, Snape from the Harry Potter franchise. The Tonight Show host imitated Rickamn, saying “Sorry, Harry Potter.”

He then did a comedy bit called “Picture This.” He read off quotes that politicians or celebs or businesses supposedly said, then showed different pictures that they had supposedly posted. It was a cool but very visual segment that really had to be seen to be appreciated.

Tonight Show

Following the first commercial break of the Tonight Show, the show’s announcer, Steve Higgins, said “Ladies and gentlemen, two James Taylors on a see-saw.” The two James Taylors were the actual James Taylor and Fallon, and they sang on the Tonight Show about being “Just two James Taylors on a see-saw.” It was a terrific song, and could very well go viral.

After a break, Fallon introduced his first guest, Mark Ruffalo. The Tonight Show host congratulated Ruffalo for being nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Foxcatcher. Ruffalo said he could only be there at the Oscars for about 15 minutes, because he was shooting a movie in Europe and had to catch a plane flight. He had to change out of his tux in the cab on the way to the airport, as the tux had to be returned.

The Roots began to play the James Bond theme music when Fallon suggested that Ruffalo would make a great James Bond. Then, the host showed a photo of Ruffalo and his daughter, Bela, together. Ruffalo said that Bela somewhat rudely pointed out that a woman on the Red Carpet had too much eye makeup on. Ruffalo told her “You can’t say that,” and she said “Why not? Amy Schumer does it.”

They both then talked about the movie that Ruffalo will be in, Infinitely Polar Bear, in which he plays someone who is bipolar. His daughter in the movie says that he is a polar bear, instead of that he is “bipolar.”

Tonight Show

When the Tonight Show returned, Fallon introduced actor Alan Rickman, who will be in the upcoming movie A Little Chaos. Rickman came onstage holding two balloons, a red one and a blue one. He handed Fallon the blue one, and they both inhaled the helium within the balloons and talked in high-pitched voices.

Fallon asked him what character he played in the Harry Potter movies, and he replied “Professor Snape.” Rickamn brought the balloons because Benedict Cumberbatch had brought two balloons, also.

Rickman told Fallon “I like to laugh.” He claimed “I have a very sophisticated sense of humor.” Rickman mispronounced Dumbledore, saying “Dumbledorf,” and laughed. Tonight Show

Rickman said that Michael Gambon, who had played Dumbledore, had a fart machine rigged up and used it while acting in a play. They decided to put the fart machine in Daniel Radcliffe’s sleeping bag in a scene, and Rickman said when Gambon used it that kids all around were pointing and saying under their voices, “It wasn’t me.”

Rickman talked about the film A Little Chaos that he directed and stars in with Kate Winslet. Fallon said “You directed it and cast yourself as the King of France.” The movie will be in theaters on June 26.

Fallon introduced James Taylor performing Stretch of the Highway from his new album, Before This World. Fallon said that Taylor “has sold over 100 million albums.” Taylor’s voice sounded still as great as it has has, and Stretch of the Highway was a fantastic song.

The Tonight Show‘s host, Fallon, interviewed actors Mark Ruffalo and Alan Rickman this Wednesday evening. He talked with them about their lives and upcoming movies. Ruffalo will be in Infinitely Polar Bear and Alan Rickman will be in A Little Chaos, as the King of France, along with actress Kate Winslet. Musical artist, James Taylor, closed the Tonight Show with his new song, Stretch of the Highway, and earlier in the episode, he and Fallon were in a skit called “Two James Taylors on a See-Saw.”

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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