Sex Toys High on List of Items Left Behind in Hotel Rooms

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Sex toys are high on the list of items that people leave behind in hotel rooms, according to a recent study. The study, carried out by Andrea Tarpey, from the hotel room booking site,, reports the newspaper Irish Mirror, revealed that 30 percent of the items that people leave behind in hotel rooms are sex-related, including fuzzy handcuffs and blow-up sheep. Just as the saying goes about Las Vegas, it appears that what goes on in many European hotel rooms stays in the hotel rooms.

Items such as phone chargers and smartphones topped the list, but sex toys were, for whatever reason or combination of reasons, close to the top of the list. 8,000 UK hoteliers were polled to find out what gets left behind the most often, and sex toys were near the top of their lists.

Other rather unusual items that have been reported left behind in European hotel rooms include a live lizard, two wedding rings left behind by a couple who were married just the night before, a prosthetic leg, and a jar containing snails. Some of the other unusual things that people have left behind almost…sort of…make the sex toys left behind in hotel rooms seem rather mundane.

When traveling to Europe, or on planes, in general, it is good to know well in advance if the TSA or whatever country travelers are journeying to has any specific regulations against traveling with sex toys in luggage.  The TSA has strict guidelines of what people can and cannot transport in their luggage and certain countries do not allow the transport by travelers of some adventurous sexually-related items.

The TSA, for example, prohibits “tools” from being in carry-on bags if they are more than seven inches long.  Some travelers mail whatever sex toys they might desire over to wherever their destination will be, to avoid any potential embarrassment that might result from being questioned about the contents of their luggage.

If the sex toy being transported aboard a plane has an on-and-off switch, make sure that the switch is in the “off” position. Also, if it requires any batteries, it is best to remove the batteries before transporting the item to avoid it from accidentally turning on.

For travelers who want to go ahead and transport sex toys in their luggage, Bustle recommends that the items be placed inside clear plastic bags. Then, if a TSA official has any questions about the sex toy, he or she can see what is inside of the bag.

The TSA will not allow travelers to have in their carry-on bags any sort of lube or liquid that is in containers larger than 3.4 ounces. Putting the contents into smaller bottles ahead of time can help save potential problems getting past security. Also, make sure that the containers are tightly sealed so that they will not leak all over the place.

A good source to inform travelers about the regulations and restrictions that countries have about sex toys is Condé Nast Traveler.  Google is another useful source to inform travelers about such regulations. If a country does not allow travelers to bring sex toys with them, it would be best not to bring it or them to avoid any potential hassles and possibly even jail time. Some countries that have laws against sex toys include Malaysia, Maldives, and Vietnam.

For anyone planning to take whips or handcuffs with them, or anything else that might be considered to be a weapon, make sure that those items are placed inside checked-in luggage rather than carry-on bags. Also, another piece of good advice that the article in Bustle mentions is if a TSA agent comes right out and asks about what is in a person’s luggage, it is better to be up-front and admit whatever it is so if the agents want to double-check, they will not think that they have been lied to if what they find is a sex toy or lubricant.

Sex toys are high on the list of items people leave behind in hotel rooms, accounting for 30 percent of the items that travelers leave behind them. It is likely not a big surprise, as many people do not want to reuse certain sex toys. Some travelers just do not want to be potentially caught with them on their return flights back to their home countries, or have other reasons for not bring the sex toy or toys back.

Written and Edited by Douglas Cobb

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