‘The Whispers’ Puts a New Spin on Imaginary Friends

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The Whispers

The Whispers premiered Monday, June 1, on ABC and according to ABC 7 News, it is one creepy drama. The TV offering is a science fiction series that is co-produced by none other than Steven Spielberg. The show is being described as mysterious and haunting, and focuses on a threat to children that makes them do the unthinkable. The parents of the children, meanwhile, have no idea what is making them act the way they do or why they are doing these terrible acts. The show truly puts a new spin on children having imaginary friends.

Yahoo! News states that in The Whispers, there is an unknown force that has some sort of hold on the children and is making them do really bad things, while the adults are trying to make sense of things and save the kids. The parents are terrified that this thing has access to their children and they do not have the slightest idea of how to stop it. Barry Sloane, who stars in the series as Wes Lawrence, said that the show is truly terrifying, and pulls the viewer in with a desire to know who is controlling things.

Lily Rabe, who plays Claire Bennigan, says that the show puts a unique spin on children and their imaginary friends. She pointed out that parents want their children to have friends and even imaginary friends if need be, but, in this case, these friends are threatening the children and putting them in harm’s way so the parents have to intervene. Claire is an FBI child specialist on the show and she will be investigating the unknown force controlling the children.

Yahoo! News also said that the show will feature Milo Ventimiglia as a character named John Doe. Ventimiglia said that the adults will be working non-stop to get the kids to stop listening to the unknown force that is driving them. He added that the unknown force makes it hard for the kids to stop listening, in that it rewards them for good behavior. When they do as it wants, they get something that they desire in return. This entity is playing them and the kids really do not have a clue. They view it as a friend rather than something evil that can hurt them and their loved ones. The Whispers

The Whispers has been promoted as a mystery and it certainly is, but according to Ventimiglia, viewers will get some answers fairly quickly. He said that viewers will feel like they are out of the loop for a bit, but then key information will start to come to light. The Hollywood Reporter said that those in charge of The Whispers have promised that viewers will soon get some answers. The men in charge said that they are aware that the audience wants to feel rewarded for watching the show and they hope to deliver. They added that if the show gets picked up for another season, there will be plenty more material for them to use. They promised that Season 1 will have a satisfying ending that leaves the audience with hints of where the show can go from there.

The show runner, Zack Estrin, said that it is hard to describe The Whispers in only one sentence. He said that it has elements of science fiction and the supernatural. He also said that the show focuses a lot on the relationships between adults and their children. There are many levels to it, and it is a complex and mysterious story, The Hollywood Reporter stated.

The show definitely puts a new spin on the concept of kids and their imaginary friends, the article added. The kids are being lured in by something that plays on their quick-to-trust nature and vulnerability. This entity claims to be a friend, but ultimately it has deadly intentions. This force of evil controls the kids and their parents are desperate to stop it.

By Heather Granruth

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Photo Courtesy of Disney/ABC Television Group’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License
Photo Courtesy of Disney/ABC Television Group’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License