Tiger Woods the Downfall of a Legend

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Tiger Woods was once considered somewhat of a legend, and has made millions playing professional golf, but is going on a bit of a downfall with his career. At the PGA Golf Tournament this year he came in at last place. He played his worst game ever.

He won at this tournament five times, but that would not be the case this time, because he would send shots into the water, or into the horizon. While on the last hole of the day, he shot a quadruple bogie in the last hole to end the miserable day with an 85. He was able to hit only one birdie for the day, and scored six strokes behind the next player Lucas Glover.

His former coach could not offer any advice for him. He said it could not be blamed on the weather, because it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was a course Woods has played terrific on in the past. Typical of him on a bad day he did not speak to reporters about his performance. Anytime in the past when he had a bad game, he would not acknowledge the press. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has only shot in the 80’s three times, and two of those times are within this year. There were 71 golfers, which meant Woods would shoot alone, but he would be first on Sunday.

Justin Rose came in at under par, and over 25 strokes in front of Woods at 66. He said that it would be tough for anyone to deal with.


In 2002 at the Open tournament in Muirfield in Scotland, he shot an 81, but the weather was horrible. When Woods first played in a PGA tournament everyone was amazed at how someone so young could play so well, and now the headlines report on the downfall of his legend. When he played in the Phoenix Open sponsored by waste management, because he had chipping problems, he shot an 82. A week and a half later he took a nine week hiatus from the sport.

Many people have compared Woods who is now 39-years-old, and Jack Nicklaus who is a legend in the sport, because he won 18 major championships, but only a few ever doubted Woods ability. Nicklaus is now 75, and in the 1980’s he had 16 scores, and six of those were before he turned 40. He was nicknamed the ‘Golden Bear’, and in 2003 when he was 63 he shot an 85 at the Masters. In 1979 he shot two 82’s at the Sawgrass country club championship, and in 1976 at the Pebble Beach Pro-am. Nicklaus was reported as once saying that without confidence the problems on the course multiply.

So far this year Woods has completed 17 rounds, with three scores in the 60’s, and two in the 80’s. Saturday was his career worst of the nines at an 85. He shot two over par for about seven holes, and the remaining 11 holes he shot 11 over par. He had one birdie, a quad, six bogey’s and two doubles.

Zac Blair who is a PGA rookie said that Woods is just working through some things, and it takes time to adjust to swing changes, and that sort of stuff. Blair has been a fan of Woods, and said he was on his dream foursome team, and Saturday was the first time he met him, and was able to beat him by 15 shots. Blair said that Woods was the best golf player on the course, and he would get his game back soon. As soon as Blair saw he was playing him he thought it was the coolest thing he had ever been able to do. Blair is confident that this is not a downfall for the Legend of Woods.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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