Turkey Explosion Injures 10 at Kurdish Rally

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In southeast Turkey, during a Kurdish party election rally, two explosions, occurring about five minutes apart, injured at least 10 people on Friday. Reports and witnesses say the number of people in attendance was somewhere in the thousands.

The explosions happened in Diyarbakir, which is the main city in Turkey, during the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic party final election rally, just as Selahattin Demirtas, the leader for the Democratic Party, was getting ready to greet the crowd. Rally coordinators insisted that a power distribution unit malfunction was the cause for the explosions, but witnesses believe bombs were the cause, since a second blast occurred five minutes after the first one.

The blasts happened¬†during a time when tensions were running extremely high, due to Turkey’s parliamentary elections, which were happening two days later. This election was a critical time for the Kurdish voters. The party is struggling to surpass the 10 percent threshold of total votes that are needed in order to acquire¬†seats in parliament. If they achieve their goal, it could completely block the ruling AKP from reaching a supermajority within parliament.

If that happened, the AKP’s desire to bring about a new constitution to change the parliament system in Turkey into one of a presidential system, would be unattainable. The Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, reported that the authorities will be conducting a thorough investigation to discover the cause of the explosions.

By Kameron Hadley


ABC: 10 Injured in Explosion at Kurdish Rally in Turkey

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