U.S. Marine Officially Charged With 2006 Murder of Iraqi Man



U.S. marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins has been officially charged with the 2006 murder of an unarmed Iraqi man. The conviction, which was a retrial, took place Wednesday, June 17.

The verdict is said to have not taken very long at all; indeed, a six-marine jury reportedly only needed approximately three hours to decide that Hutchins was, indeed, guilty. The case itself was very complex overall, and is probably one of the most complicated to have occurred via the United States courts martial cases. A total of eight troops were accused of the aforementioned crime, but only one U.S. marine was officially charged with the 2006 murder of the Iraqi man, who is said to have been a civilian.

In regards to the sentencing Hutchins will receive, the jury is reportedly re-convening tomorrow, June 18. Possibly, the man could be subject to more than four years in prison. However, it is also quite possible that he could be sentenced to time served, or something in between.

This is not the only charge that the man in question has faced since the incident; he was charged with larceny and conspiracy following the murder having taken place, but was acquitted of this despite having made a false report surrounding what actually happened.

Upon hearing that the U.S. marine was officially charged with the 2006 murder of said Iraqi man, Hutchins wife reportedly broke down completely as a result. The soldier himself kept composure, and comforted the woman in order to make her feel better about the matter.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


Los Angeles Times: Marine convicted of murder in 2006 killing of Iraqi man

Photo Courtesy of Sgt. Randall Clinton/DVIDSHUB’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License