UAE Ambassador Survives Suicide Attack in Mogadishu

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suicide attack

An ambassador from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) survived an apparent suicide attack on his car on Wednesday. The attack occurred as he was traveling through the capital of Mogadishu, Somalia. According to local reports, the suicide car bomb struck a military vehicle in the ambassador’s motorcade.

UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al Othman was reported to be inside the vehicle when the suicide bomb hit, but he is said to have survived. There is no information regarding whether the ambassador was injured or the extent of any injuries he may have suffered. The attack occurred just a few blocks from the Turkish embassy in downtown Mogadishu.

Major Farah Abdikadir of the capital’s police department stated at least three people were killed in the attack, including some civilians that were in the blast radius. Seven others were transported to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. It is unclear whether the wounded were with the ambassador’s motorcade or passersby.

The Islamic extremist group Al Shabab has taken responsibility for the suicide bombing. This is the second attack that has hit Mogadishu this week. A strong eruption of violence from Islamic fundamentalists has shook Mogadishu in recent months.

By Alex Lemieux

Somaliland: UAE Ambassador Survives Suicide Attack in Somalia

Photo by Abdurrahman Warsameh Courtesy of International Relations and Security Network’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License