Zayn Malik’s Return to One Direction

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Over the past few days, #ZaynIsComingBack blew up on Twitter, prompting Directioners everywhere to lose their minds and instantly start digging for more information. The story behind the social media trend lies with a well-backed theory that, based on a ton of different aspects that have recently begun to add up, Zayn Malik‘s return to One Direction is nothing short of imminent.

On the evidence block, there are a slew of concrete things. First, the 22-year-old’s bio was recently re-instated onto the band’s official website. This piece of information was removed following the singer’s departure from the word-famous group on March 25 of this year. To add to this, it was discovered that the Facebook post acknowledging Malik’s decision to go his own way has been hidden from 1D’s page. Also, the group shared a teaser clip of their upcoming June 16 show in Denmark, which consisted of multiple looping segments of the departed member himself, something they had not done since Malik left the group for good. Indeed, he was cut from all promotional releases for the rest of the tour.

One of the most notable occurrences lies with the ever-controversial producer Naughty Boy, whom the self-proclaimed Bradford Bad Boy began to spend a lot of time with following the group becoming a foursome. An inordinate amount of drama ensued as a result, mainly due to Naughty Boy being seemingly unable to not stir the pot and constantly share social media updates surrounding how he did Malik a “favor” by “saving” him from the band. Indeed, mere days after the singer’s departure (an event which shattered the world of millions of Directioners, who struggled to find some way to gain understanding of why Malik would do that to both them and the rest of the boys, especially so last-minute). It was at this point that fans started to become less excited at the potential of Zayn Malik’s return to One Direction.


Former band-mate Louis Tomlinson had the hardest time with this, and ended up lashing out at Naughty Boy via Twitter on more than one occasion, a provocation which the producer was more than willing to accept as a challenge and fight back even more viciously. The last social media feud escalated to the point that Malik himself became involved, taking a shot at Tomlinson and essentially telling the singer to get a life and stay out of his.

This did not go over well. Directioners felt extremely betrayed at the former group member’s actions, and simply could not believe that he would act this way towards any of the other boys. The fact that he had openly said how miserable he had been over the past four years, and that he only stuck around “for the fans” also did not help matters; it is entirely possible that Malik was saying this in order to show how much the fans meant to him, but the gesture backfired and ended with fans essentially feeling like they should feel guilty for putting him through this over the years.

As a result, fans have stated that they are not too sure about Zayn Malik’s return to One Direction, even if it is actually a legitimate thing. They feel he has caused too much emotional turmoil over the past few months, and made too many bad decisions to be trusted again. The majority feel that the reuniting of all five boys would not only be bad for the fans, but for the group as a whole; indeed, most feel that the band is better off without him both musically and otherwise.

By Chanel van der Woodsen

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