Ben Affleck Will Remain in the Spotlight

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Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck was noted during the late 90s and early 2000s not only for his film appearances but for his relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. It is rare to know a celebrity solely for film appearances and talents because usually fame grows with talent and tabloids. Once again, Affleck is going to take over the big screen with his upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman. However, it also happens that once again, he is in the news because of his relationship. Him and his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, are getting a divorce. Whether the news regards films or personal relationships, Affleck has always found himself in the spotlight.

When it comes to the premiere of Batman v Superman, Affleck has his name guaranteed to go down in history. Everyone is going to watch the movie to see how the dynamics between the two superheroes will react to one another. Batman and Superman have always dominated within their own universes and everyone knows their names. The title of the movie itself should excite fans of films, comics and superheroes. So many questions arise when the thought of two different beloved superheroes sharing the same screen pops up. The upcoming film is going to entertain these notions, and it will also be a chance for Affleck to prove that he can take the role of Batman and make something amazing out of it. Many people were skeptical when it was first announced that Affleck was set to play Batman, but audiences will get the chance to see for themselves how the actor handled the important role. No pressure.

While the film is set to release in 2016, Affleck’s name is already back in the news because of his announcement regarding his divorce. Jennifer Garner is a beautiful actress, and the thought of the two actors getting a divorce is distressing fans. The main concern is the impact of the divorce on the couple’s children. They reportedly took their children to the Bahamas, presumably to bring them some privacy as the news of the divorce makes headlines.

However, Affleck’s surprises and fame go beyond films and relationships. During an appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time in late 2014 he got into a heated debate with Bill Maher and Sam Harris. Maher and Harris voiced their negative opinions on Islam while making accusations against the vast majority of Muslims and their assumptions were called out by the actor. “It’s gross. It’s racist” he said. He was visibly disturbed and frustrated at Maher’s and Harris’ words. Muslim communities everywhere were surprised and have a newfound respect for the Daredevil star after seeing him stand up against what he seemed to believe were unjustified statements. Although the actor is known for his stardom and relationships with celebrities, he is indeed active in political communities. He spent a year at Occidental studying Middle Eastern studies.

The star is well-known because his relationships with beautiful celebrities take over the spotlight. His acting, directing and political endeavours cannot be left behind though. Even if his intentions are not to stay in the spotlight, he frequently appears in it because of his entertainment and political endeavours. Audiences are eagerly awaiting for Batman Vs. Superman. Whether movie-goers intend to experience a vision of a world where Batman and Superman collide, or to criticize the actors that portray the superheroes, the film is going to fare well at the box office. The paths that the actors can take are completely capricious and there is a lot of room for creativity. Anything can be expected from the upcoming film. Whatever happens, Affleck will remain in the spotlight.

Opinion by Tania Dawood


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