Bill Cosby Is Just an Illusion of Cliff Huxtable [Video]

HuxtableCliff Huxtable has been America’s favorite father for decades. He was the patriarch of the family that ruled the 80s sitcom world. On the infamous Cosby Show Huxtable was an obstetrician, faithful husband, father of five, and son of a prominent jazz trombonist. Many have equated Bill Cosby to clean and crisp Huxtable, only to find out he is just an illusion.

Many stood by Cosby as woman after woman came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct because the illusion of Huxtable was so powerful. However, the recent unsealing of court documents have now bolstered the defamation claims against the comedian. In 2005, Cosby admitted to obtaining Quaaludes for sexual predatory intention.

At the onset of the allegations, many Cosby fans questioned why the women waited so long to open up about the supposed abuse. Others were wondering why it took a comedian to expose Cosby before others found the courage to speak out. Could the most loved dad of the 80s be a rapist or is it all a ploy to tarnish a man’s life-long legacy?

Recent reports have confirmed for many that Cosby was simply an illusion of Huxtable. Cosby’s 2005 sworn testimony which stated he gave the now-banned drug for the purpose of sex has already sentenced the comedian in the minds of many. However, there are still a faithful few who refuse to criminalize Cosby without a proper trial. Whoopi Goldberg, a fellow comedian and talk show host, said:

He is still innocent until proven guilty. Cosby has not been proven a rapist. I think we’ll see what happens as more information comes out. People can make judgments, I don’t like snap judgments because I’ve had snap judgements made on me, and so I’m very, very careful.

Raven-Symone, Cosby’s fellow actress on The Cosby Show and Goldberg’s co-host on The View, did not want to address the allegations. She avoids talking about it because Cosby was a vital part of her career. Jill Scott, singer, songwriter, and actress was a strong supporter of the comedian until the disclosure of his sealed records. She took to Twitter as soon as she heard to retract her support.Huxtable

Many find themselves struggling with the dual personality of Cosby the sexual predator and America’s greatest dad Heathcliff Huxtable. Cosby has long been associated with child-like affection, clean humor, and education. He is a world-renowned comedian, television producer, author, actor, activist and humanitarian. Cosby is the recipient of several awards and long been considered a living legend. He has received numerous honors, but all that now remains in the minds of many is that Bill Cosby is just an illusion of Cliff Huxtable.

There is a side to Cosby that has only been known to a select number of women. The Jell-O pudding man is accused of being a well-crafted serial rapist. Cosby admitted to giving at least one woman drugs to persuade her to have sex, but a man who wants to have consensual sexual relations does not ply her with sedatives to coerce the woman into agreement. This type of behavior speaks more of a rapist than a man who cares about a woman’s consent.

Despite having admitted in a deposition that he acquired sedatives with the idea they could help him have sex with a woman, Cosby has long denied all the allegations of sexual assault. Ironically, or not, more than 30 women have described similar stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian. Sex with a person who is unconscious or otherwise not participating is not consensual, it is rape.

Huxtable was such a great father that it sounds almost unorthodox to call Cosby a rapist. Many fans were horrified by the multitude of allegations of sexual assault against America’s well-loved father. Others who stood with the comedian in support have been shocked by the disclosure of the 2005 report where Cosby admitted under oath to sedating women for sexual purposes. This confirms for many that Bill Cosby is just an illusion the created character Cliff Huxtable.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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