Bobbi Kristina Brown: Leaked Deathbed Photo Ignites Inheritance War


Bobbi Kristina Brown is still at the Atlanta hospice where she was taken to just over two weeks ago, and by the look of things, her family members have not been able to put their differences aside. The Browns and the Houstons are said to be feuding over the socialite’s $20million inheritance following the news that certain relatives photographed the ailing star on her deathbed for a huge tabloid payout.

While it is unclear who took the photos, Bobby Brown is said to have made the decision to ban his entire family from seeing his daughter until she is laid to rest, suspecting that the photos that are being shopped were sent from his siblings. Regardless of who is leaking the pics to news outlets, the drama has once again ignited a war between the former R&B singer and the Houstons, who were disgusted to learn about the photo leaking scandal to begin with.

Many fans will recall that a similar incident happened when Whitney Houston was laid to rest in 2012. A certain member of the family snapped a photo of the open casket where the singer was laying, before shopping the image for a reported $60,000 to the National Enquirer. The photo went viral after the outlet made the courageous decision to go ahead and place it on the front cover of their tabloid, reportedly seeing a huge rise in sales for that particular issue.

The Houstons are now fearing that all of this will happen again once the highest bid is made for the photos of Brown, who has been unconscious since her tragic collapse at her Atlanta home. The reality star was believed to have spent almost an hour underwater in her bathtub before eventually being found by a pal who rushed her to a nearby hospital. She has spent majority of the year on life support, before her father finally made the decision to take her off the machine and let her rest in peace following four months of having to rely on intense medications to keep her breathing.

It should be noted that the 22-year-old famously inherited her mother’s worth following her death, which stood at a measly $20million — still, enough to last her a lifetime if she was to spend it well. According to reports, however, now that things are turning for the worst, showing clear signs that the TV-personality will pass away, the Houstons are allegedly hoping to get hold of the money for the fact that the Brown family have shown nothing but disrespect since the incident that took place in January.

In February, it was revealed that the Browns were physically fighting one another at a local hotel near the hospital over an argument that stemmed from a discussion on who would get a piece of the youngster’s $20million inheritance. Certain family members were convinced that they deserved some of the money as they claimed to have been close with Brown prior to her collapse, a claim that has been strongly denied by sources close to the Houstons.

While the Houstons had hoped to simply focus on Brown, who doctors say is most likely to pass away before the end of the month, they are now having to deal with money issues so that they can prevent any money from getting in the hands of any other family member on the R&B singer’s side.  The family has yet to release a statement regarding Brown’s current health state but with the way things have been going, it is not looking too good for the TV-star.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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