Celiac Disease Patients Allowed to Enjoy Gluten With Egg Yolk Supplement

Celiac Disease
Celiac disease is a major problem for many people. It inhibits their ability to consume grains severely limiting their diets. However, a new study out of Canada has produced a supplement from egg yolk that could allow patients with celiac disease to enjoy foods containing grains that were once prohibited to them.

This new supplement out of Canada hopes to improve the lives of these patients everywhere. The pill’s active ingredient is egg yolk. According to Tech Times, when consumed five minutes before eating grains the egg yolk can combine with the gluten in the stomach, coating it to prevent damage to the small intestine. This would allow people to lessen their diet restrictions therefore improving their quality of life.

Tech Times reports this supplement would allow those with this disease to consume grains for up to two hours without worrying about symptoms. Gizmag claims that the scientists responsible for developing the pill have already partnered with Vetanda Group to start marketing the product as soon as it is available for public use.

Gizmag explains that the supplement must undergo an efficacy trial, which is scheduled to take place within the year. After that, they suggest the supplement should be available to the Canadian people in three years, with a release in America and Europe shortly following.

CBC News reported that the chief researcher on the project, Hoon Sunwoon, has dedicated 10 years to this supplement to help his friend who suffers from the autoimmune disorder. Sunwoon is an associate professor of the pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Alberta.

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, the autoimmune disorder is suspected to affect about one percent of people worldwide. Many cases are under or misdiagnosed. The foundation explains that these people are at risk for long-term health complications from furthering the damage to their small intestine. They claim that even a few crumbs can cause a reaction. However, the egg yolk supplement would allow patients with celiac disease to enjoy gluten products.

The foundation clarifies explains that the disease is an autoimmune disorder that attacks a person’s digestive system when they have consumed grains such as wheat or barley. The gluten found in these grains is not tolerated and the immune system attacks the intestines when the problem foods are eaten. The immediate symptoms patients face include headaches, fatigue, and bloating.

They further show how damage to the small intestine can cause long-term health problems as well. This disease can lead to Type I diabetes, dermatitis, and anemia to name a few. The Celiac Support Association clarifies that Type I Diabetes, while most often is diagnosed in children and young adults, is different from Type II in that it is insulin-dependent and requires daily injections. The damage occurs to the finger-like projections in the small intestine called villi, which are responsible for nutrient absorption, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Furthermore, their lack of edible foods makes the quality of life even poorer. People with celiac disease cannot eat pasta, bread or drink many alcoholic beverages. They must check the labels of all processed foods and beware of anything they eat at parties. There is even concern over prescription medications. Many foods that are not made with grains can still contain gluten if they are processed in a plant that uses the ingredient for other items.

Prior to this supplement, there were no real treatments for the disease other than to abstain from consuming any gluten. The foundation notes that there is also currently no cure for the disease.

This supplement would greatly impact the lives of people suffering from celiac disease in a positive way. It is a natural solution allowing them to broaden their diets and activities without worry. This new egg yolk supplement would allow celiac disease patients to enjoy foods made from gluten with their family and friends.

By Megan Hellmann
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo Courtesy of Matt Harris’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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