Chris Brown May Lose Custody Battle?

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Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy and his name in the gossip tabloids, but this time his recent misfortunes may affect more than just his finances. The Virginia-native made recent headlines because of his tumultuous relationship with Karrueche Tran. The on-again-off-again couple finally called it quits after Tran found out about Brown’s recent child with her best friend, Nia Guzman. The little girl, Royalty, was the final straw for Karrueche and she publicly and emotionally split with the Run It singer. Although the child was a blessing in the singer’s life, his recent antics have led the baby mother to file for full custody and financial support of the infant.

It seems that drama seems to follow Brown no matter which relationship he turns to. Following his infamous break-up, make-up, then break-up again with Bajan beauty Rihanna, the Virginian courted relatively unknown Karrueche Tran in late 2011. The couple seemed like a good match at first, but quickly made tabloids for their imperfect coupling. Rumors of Chris’ infidelity were always prevalent and the singer further fueled rumors by publicly starting over with Rihanna. The love triangle was anything but as romantic or provocative as teen dramas make them out to be. Eventually, Chris wanted that old thing back and Rihanna would win his heart. The two continued to date for a brief moment in late 2012 to early 2013.

BrownIt seems the two could not make it past the honeymoon phase of their relationship and split in March 2013. He implied reasons for the break-up were Rihanna’s past flings with other high-profile artists like Drake and Meek Mill. The singer quickly went running back to Tran and, despite being publicly played, took him back. It seemed that this go around was going to last. Even with Brown being locked up for violating probation (his domestic violence case) and not being able to remain in rehab, the two remained together. Though everything was not as perfect as one would think. Rumors of infidelity continued to circulate the relationship until the news broke that Brown was a proud father.

At first, the world assumed that his long-time girlfriend Karrueche Tran was the mother but this was not the case. One of Tran’s friends, Nia Guzman, was actually the “lucky” woman to call Brown her baby father to her nine-month-old daughter Royalty. Needless to say, Tran had enough and the two finally called it quits in early 2015. Like any breakup, the separation has not been easy for either parties. Since the break, Brown has tried multiple attempts to get Tran via Twitter and going to the same clubs that she is attending. The singer eventually insinuated that Tran was just a gold digger and that he regrets making her famous.

Following the revelation that Brown had a daughter, he has tried his best to step-up and be a good parent to his daughter. Although the singer is eager to be a good parent for Royalty, Guzman and her boyfriend King Ba are not making it easy for the Virginian. Guzman claims that Brown has stopped paying his monthly child support of 2500 dollars and hired lawyer Carl Moore to file a suit for the missing payments and increased rate of 15,000 dollars a month. The singer is not taking this lightly and is filing a countersuit against Guzman for full custody of Royalty.

Considering the recent events that have transpired in Brown’s life, Guzman may have a better chance of winning. Just this past month, members of Chris’ entourage broke into his San Fernando Valley home and stole 50,000 dollars that he received in cash from a recent club appearance. Chris was not there to confront the bandits, but they did hold his aunt at gunpoint to get the cash. Though the singer is worth millions, he should be more worried that Guzman could use this incident as fuel to gain full custody. The 26-year-old is no stranger to misfortune and the wrong side of the law; domestic violence case, jail time, and now a possibly unsafe environment for Royalty. Considering that Brown is not even listed as the father of Royalty on the birth certificate, it may be difficult to sway a judge’s opinion that he deserves full custody.

By Tyler Cole

Edited by Maurice Cassidy


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