Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry Penning Taylor Swift Diss Track Post-VMAs Feud?

Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry Penning Taylor Swift Diss Track Post-VMAs Feud?

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry may be penning a diss track against their rival Taylor Swift, who ironically slammed the rapper for “pitting women against one another.” Of course, the irony in the comment that Swift made all stems down to the fact that her wildly popular hit song Bad Blood is a rivalry diss track against Perry.

The drama between the trio originated from a tweet that Minaj had sent out. Angered by the fact that the MTV VMAs had snubbed her from some of the categories she believed she should have been nominated for, the rapper claimed that if she was “very slim” and white, she would have most likely been nominated for more nods. The comment did not sit well with Swift, who took shots at Minaj, feeling that the comment was indirectly aimed at her, since she is the only ‘slim’ woman who is nominated in the ‘Video of the Year’ award — one which Minaj was hoping to be nominated for, too.

After Swift made her remarks, adding how disappointed she was to see the 32-year-old pit women against one another, Minaj retweeted comments from fans who described the 25-year-old as stereotypical since she writes diss songs aimed at other women all the time. Bad Blood was said to have been penned by Swift following her feud with Perry, who supposedly stole the singer’s backup dancers during her Red concert tour two years ago.

Regardless of their current feud, fans believe that Minaj and Perry will finally get their own back on Swift, who many people have turned against since the whole Twitter drama blew up. Both Perry and Minaj’s fans have sided with their idols, claiming that Swift had no right to belittle the rapper for having her own opinion, especially when the former country artist disses women in her songs all the time. Furthermore, Swift is not going to get slammed for her comments because she is a white woman, Minaj and her fans continued to stress.

This has all led up to loyal listeners demanding a diss record from Minaj and Perry against Swift. It has already been speculated whether 30-year-old Perry would lash out against her industry enemy on her forthcoming record, but now that she has the support from her fellow friend, it seems like the diss track would make perfect sense to be recorded. The rapper, whose song Super Bass solely blew up on the charts thanks to Swift’s input in promoting the song on her social media platforms, has demanded an apology from the 25-year-old, but whether she will get one is yet to be determined.

With Perry currently working on her fourth studio album, sources predict that a diss track will most likely feature on the record, and the songstress is not going to hold back. Plus, if Minaj makes the cut for whatever is currently being penned, it will be a full-on tag team battle against Swift, who will then get a little taste of her own medicine.

By Maurice Cassidy


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