Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral: Alleged Memorial Footage Leaks? (VIDEO)


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s supposed memorial day is nearing, with reports alleging that the socialite may have already died. The Houstons and the Browns have remained very quiet in recent weeks, despite allegations made that a hearse arrived at the Atlanta hospice where the 22-year-old had been staying. It was further alleged that Brown was carried out of the hospice with no further details on her current whereabouts.

Answers were finally answered earlier this week when — what appears to be — leaked footage of Brown’s reported memorial rehearsal emerged online. Several outlets have claimed that the video footage is not fake, especially when taking into consideration that several of Brown’s family members hold ‘exclusive’ photos that show the former reality star unconscious on her deathbed. TMZ was the first outlet to reveal how certain members had tried to shop the photos over to them. They rightfully declined.

Nonetheless, with the knowledge that there are already deathbed photos lurking around, sources say that the video footage, which is believed to stem from her memorial rehearsal, should not shock fans one bit. Furthermore, it is believed that both families are planning to say their final goodbyes to the beloved youngster at the end of the month — July 30th.

Whitney Houston’s fans are convinced that the 22-year-old may have been taken back to New Jersey last week when the hearse arrived at the hospice. If Houston’s daughter is going to be buried anywhere, it is most definitely not going to be in Atlanta, sources predict. She will be laid to rest next to her mother, who was buried in her hometown, New Jersey, where Brown herself had spent the majority of her life.

It is more shocking to then learn that, with so much being leaked to the press in recent months regarding her health and her well-being, it is fair to predict that the memorial and the burial might also be recorded for public viewing. Deathbed photos are already in the hands of the press, alleged leaked memorial rehearsal footage has now surfaced on YouTube, so the only way that the families can top it off is by streaming the entire ceremony online.

It is no secret that the Browns have made themselves available to the socialite whenever they could, but insiders say that their intentions were never good. Many of Bobby Brown’s siblings had wanted to see Brown, just so that they can run to the press, hold interviews and get paid to tell their story on what they saw. It is unlikely that the Houstons would have been recording and photographing the ailing 22-year-old, all fingers are pointing at the Browns, since they are the only ones who ran to the media and demanded huge paychecks for telling their stories.

Two months ago, it was further revealed that one of the R&B singer’s siblings had pitched a reality show to a network which will document the ‘struggle’ that the family faced following the socialite’s rush to the hospital. Regardless of what has happened in the past, it is believed that July 30th could be the end for Brown, who will finally be laid to rest.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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