Comedian Sheryl Underwood Joins ‘MegaFest’ 2015 Comedy Show


Comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood is ready to hit the stage for the comedy show during Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes’ annual MegaFest gathering. Underwood is no stranger to the stage and has traveled bringing laughter to audiences around the world. This, however, is a different type of audience than she is used to; it is the largest multi-day, family friendly and faith-based festival in the nation.

MegaFest is a well-known event which brings together a host of people and talent. The gathering focuses on the entire family and encompasses the best of the Bishop’s ministries such as Manpower, Woman Thou Art Loosed, MegaYouth, and MegaKids experience. This year the festival has returned to Dallas with three days of entertainment, music, seminars and power-packed inspiration for an unforgettable family experience.

Underwood, who is known for her raw and adult-friendly material, is up for the challenge of creating a family friendly set which will encompass all age groups. MegaFest’s comedy shows will also include Marcus Wiley, host of Yolanda Adams Morning Show, comedian Akintunde Warnock, and actor and comedian Levell Crawford. After announcing Underwood to the MegaFest lineup, Jakes said:

Sheryl represents nearly every facet of MegaFest, not only as an entertainer and strong, empowered woman but also as a savvy and multi-faceted entrepreneur. She has entertained audiences around the world, and we are excited for her to join us at MegaFest.

The nation’s largest Christian festival combines church, worship, and fun. The three-day event also brings together several leading figures in the evangelical world to empower attendees. Activist and preacher Christine Caine and highly praised, in and out of the Christian arena, Joyce Meyers have been included to join Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Cleveland’s R. A. Vernon, Bishop Tudor Bismarck, and Pastor Serita Jakes. In addition to the great lineup of speakers is a host of talented singers and musicians who will be featured throughout the conference.

MegaFestThe first MegaFest was held in Atlanta with thousands of people from around the world. The event bridged the gap between generations, ethnicities, gender, races, and religious denominations; it proved to be a religious gathering like none the country had ever seen. MegaFest has grown to encompass nearly one million people across the globe since its launch in 2004.

This debut event was broadcasted live in more than 400 prisons nationwide and in three languages: English, French and Spanish. People from more than 40 countries filled seats in the Philips Arena, Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Dome and the International Plaza. There were also audiences in Nairobi, Kenya; Adelaide, Australia, and Cape Town, South Africa. This was the beginning of something fresh and new which included events for all ages on a scale Christians had not witnessed previously.

With its focus on family and unity, Jakes has now included Underwood in the lineup. The event attracts thousands of attendees on an annual basis, with many pre-registering for the following year before leaving the current event. Jakes said when speaking of MegaFest:

It is very, very dear to my heart because I think it creates an atmosphere that people of faith need. To come into an environment that is designed for people of faith that still has church and has worship and all of that, but also has fun such as comedy shows so you can bring your kids or your grandmother too.

Attendees of this great event will have the opportunity to enjoy Tyler Perry’s new stage play, Madea on the Run. Perry is no stranger to the family festival or The Potter’s House, the megachurch pastored by Jakes. The Bishop referred to Perry as a friend and constant supporter and said he is happy to extend the MegaFest platform to the producer’s faithful fan base.

MegaFest 2015 is being held in Dallas, Texas between August 19 and 23. Bishop Jakes is happy to announce the addition of comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood to the lineup. The 51-year-old actress is well-known for hosting BET’s Comic View and is currently one of the hosts on the daytime chat show The Talk. To her list of comedic accomplishments, Underwood can now include MegaFest, the largest multi-day, family friendly and faith-based festival in the United States.  Comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood is honored to a part of such a prestigious event.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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