Donald Trump Opened His Mouth and Words Just Poured Out

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, just opened his mouth, and the words came pouring out for the world to hear, and he did not think about how everyone would react to his harsh words. The real estate mogul said that he will, in fact, run for President of the United States, as a Republican. After his recent comments, quite a few businesses started pulling away from the business man.

Trump is known to have strong opinions about how the world works, and he is almost always blunt about it. CNN reported that Trump made comments about how illegal Latinos were “rapists.” While Fox reported his comments were slightly less harsh, but there was still a slanderous comment made about illegal immigrants from Mexico. The Republican presidential candidate is the thorn in the paw of most Republicans, and according to Jeb Bush, he has very different views from most of the politicians in the party. Bush has stated that he is an intelligent man and doing this to get the attention.

The Republican presidential candidate was surprised at the repercussions of his statements, saying that he did not think it would be that bad. According to Bush, his opinions are not as conservative as most Republicans. For most of the last 10 years, he has been a member of the Democratic Party and does not share a common interest of this party. Republicans are trying to reach out to more Americans, which includes Latin-Americans. For Bush, Trump’s remarks hit close to home because his wife is Mexican-American. While in Nevada, Bush had originally wanted to have a discussion with his presidential rival, but the rest of the party was pressuring him to speak out in his disapproval of his rival, so he accused him of dirty campaign tactics.

Trump had an answer to Bush’s accusations and fired back that he does not know what the American people were all about. He went on to add that Bush was too soft on illegal immigrants, and Bush thinks they break the laws of this country out of love. Once again, Trump opened his mouth without thinking his opinion through and the words poured out. He used the killing of a woman, by a reported illegal immigrant, as more proof that he was right on this issue.

When Bush was asked about the crime, he admitted that border security needed to be better and the perpetrator should be deported. He also reprimanded the cities that were allowing such things to happen, by protecting the immigrants and encouraging them.

Trump is seeing first hand how his harsh remarks affected his business dealings. Several companies have pulled their business away from his influence. Companies such as Univision, Macy’s, Serta Mattress Co., and NBC Universal have liquidated their partnership with the real estate tycoon because of his comments, but Trump claims it was because he decided to run for office. His harsh comments saying that Mexico sends the U.S. criminals and rapists did not sit well with many people, and any politician that comes out with harsh words about a particular race or religion has to consider the possible backlash.

If the self-made millionaire, Trump, can learn a gentler way to get his point across, and not just open his mouth and let his opinions come pouring out, as well as consider how other people will feel about what he says, then he may have a shot at a Republican endorsement. A majority of the American people do not take kindly to insults on their personal, religious, or cultural beliefs.

Opinion By Katherine Miller-Chichester
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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