Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi Renewing Vows to Save Broken Marriage?



Ellen Degeneres is planning to renew her wedding vows to Portia de Rossi, hoping that their crumbling marriage will be saved following a series of cheating scandals, it has been alleged. The ridiculous idea on saving a marriage by renewing vows sounds silly, but the talk-show host firmly believes that with the negativity that has surrounded her marriage in recent months, it will feel like a fresh start for her and Rossi.

Last year, it was heavily speculated on whether Degeneres was set to pull the plug on her seven-year marriage to her partner following claims that the 57-year-old was beyond paranoid that the former model was secretly cheating behind her back. Star magazine famously claimed that the talk-show host’s alleged alcohol abuse had caused a rift in her marriage as Rossi drifted apart from the TV-personality who was becoming viciously mean towards her. The outlet claimed at the time that Degeneres had forced the Scandal actress to get plastic surgery, while another report claimed Rossi had been flirting with a staff member on Ellen which left the nation’s sweetheart outraged.

Out of spite, the talk-show host allegedly began doing the same, as one source explained, “Ellen loves younger women. It’s been a pattern for her: She meets a beautiful young woman, wines and dines them, and sweeps them off their feet.” The ‘cheating’ fiasco had tabloids running multiple stories on the couple for an entire year, to the point where every sensationalized report on the duo had already been covered.

The claims were outrageous, and while neither of the two ever commented on the stories, if rumours are true that the couple plan on renewing their vows, one could assume that it interlinks with the idea that their marriage has been heading down the drain for quite some time. With Degeneres’ summer hiatus from her wildly popular TV-show, the 57-year-old is supposedly planning to use the next couple of months to repair her damaged relationship, seeing that the Hollywood duo have not had quality time to be together since last summer. While Rossi has been busy focusing on her acting career, Degeneres was taping her daily talk show that has kept the couple apart from one another for months at a time.

It is fair to assume that if the duo still bicker and fight after they have renewed their vows, a divorce is likely to follow. There have been talks in recent months that Degeneres has considered the idea of ending her program just so that she can be with Rossi, but as far as the production team is concerned, she will definitely be back for another season this fall.

For the couple not to respond to these claims could be seen as their way of trying to hide the supposed fact that they are trying to fix their marriage, while others could look at it as their way of not feeding into the lies that are written about them. Everyone thought Jennifer Garner’s divorce to Ben Affleck was a lie until the couple finally announced their separation last week. Is their marriage heading down the drain?

By Maurice Cassidy


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