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On Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight, the third and last episode in the Love Can’t Weight part of this season of Extreme Weight Loss, the episode focused on the six-month-long weight loss journey that Bryce Mulvey and Amber Brown undertook to prepare them for their wedding day. They met through an online dating service, and their quirky, fun-loving personalities caused them to hit it off quickly. But, they also shared a love of overeating and after their weight got out of control, they asked motivational trainers and transformational coaches, Chris and Heidi Powell, for help losing weight to get ready for their “Big Day.”

At the beginning of Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight, Southern California couple Mulvey and Brown talked about how they had met online and had their “first date at a coffee shop.” Mulvey said “I think I’m ready to ask Amber to marry me, but first I think we nee to concentrate on our health.”

Brown showed the camera a photo of her dad, who she said has a drinking problem. She felt that everything else was “more important than” her. Her mom and dad split up, and her dad remarried. Brown said she did not “want to be a fat bride,” and she did not want Bryce to see her without her clothes on the way she currently looks.

Mulvey talked about splitting up with his ex-wife, and how traumatic it was for him. He said “after our divorce, I gained 65 pounds.” He was overweight before, but his weight really increased dramatically after his divorce. He had a young son, who he wants to make proud of him, as well as Brown.

“Our addiction to food, we’ve ignored our whole lives We want to be the best people we can be before we commit ourselves to marriage,” Mulvey said to the camera.

Mulvey loved working with sprint cars. Chris came up to him as he was working on one, saying “Hey, can you hand me that wrench?”

The Powells asked Mulvey where Brown was, and he said that she would be in the stands later, with his parents. When they and the rest of the racing crowd arrived, Mulvey used a microphone and called amber down to ask if she would “transform yourself with me, Chris and Heidi.”

Using the microphone, Chris said there would be “a weigh-in, tonight, here in front of all of your fans.” It would take place during intermission.

When Mulvey weighed in, he was 306 pounds. He said he did not think that he was over 300 pounds.

Brown got on the scales next. She weighed in at 249 pounds. “A year from now, that number will be different,” Mulvey told the camera, “but she will still be the same Amber that I love.”

After a commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, the Powells welcomed Mulvey and Brown to the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Chris told them he wanted to see them loss 150 pounds between them Phase I. Then, for the next three months, they would have to split up, with one of them going back home and one spending the next three months with the Powells in Arizona.

The couple got to met celeb chef, Rocco DiSpirito, on Extreme Weight Loss. They talked with him about cooking and eating nutritiously. DiSpirito gave them a recipe for chili chicken from one of his cook books and asked them to follow it. Brown said “shouldn’t you measure it?” when Mulvey was adding spices. He said “I do it by feel.”

But, when DiSpirito and the Powells tried the meal, they liked how it turned out. Chris told the camera on Extreme Weight Loss that his original plan had been for Bryce to propose at the race track, but he said that “Amber would not have that at all.”

Mulvey and Chris talked about how he should propose to Brown. Bryce decided it would be great to do it on the top of a mountain.

The Powells climbed Pikes Peak with Mulvey and Brown, a strenuous hike, but at the top, Mulvey made it all worth it to Brown when he proposed to her. She was having a difficult time hiking, and feeling dizzy, but she made it to the top with Bryce and the Powells. He proposed to her on Extreme Weight Loss, and she, of course, said “yes.”

Mulvey told the camera “I’m just excited for the rest of my life, because I know being married to her will be a great adventure.” Then, Extreme Weight Loss went to another break.

When Extreme Weight Loss came back on, Mulvey and Brown talked with the Powells and told them that they did not think that the splitting up part of their weight loss journey would work for them. Mulvey said that it might interfere with his court plans regarding his son.

Chris said in this particular case, he might make an exception, “because a young child was involved.” So, both Mulvey and Brown would be returning back home, but they had to agree not to see each other and to continue trying to lose weight.

A month into their weight loss journey on Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi introduced Mulvey and Brown to the wedding planner of the stars, Dave Tutera. He helped them plan their wedding. Brown told him she had the idea of the wedding being a “vintage garden” type.

Tutera said he was not really sure what that meant. He asked Mulvey what he felt that Brown was talking about, and Mulvey said something very romantic. Tongue-in-cheek, Tutera said to Mulvey, “I’ll marry you.”

Chris said that Mulvey was “a man on a mission,” in his weight loss efforts. However, Chris and Heidi were concerned that Brown was not losing weight.

He told the camera “we’re worried.” Heidi told Chris she knew that Brown was sneaking food.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris said he had a test for her, and they met with Dr. Holly Wyatt. The doctor asked her what is going on. Brown’s resting metabolic rate was fine, so her metabolism was not the cause of the problem. Heidi said to the camera that Brown “has a history of sneak eating,” and she thought that Brown was sneaking food.

She searched Brown’s belongings and found a lot of chocolate-related snacks. She called out “Amber!” as Extreme Weight Loss headed to another commercial break.

Back from the break on Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi confronted Brown and told her “I know this is something that you’ve struggled with before.” Brown told her the food was in her belongings, but that she had not eaten any of it for three weeks.

Then, Brown admitted that she did eat the food and tried to hide that she was doing it. She said “I’m kinda glad it was found out.” Heidi told her she was not going to get sent home, but she told Brown to come to her and talk to her if she was feeling like she wanted to sneak food in the future.

Brown said to the camera “I had a serious attitude check.” She was back to working out and trying hard like she really was serious about losing her extra weight.

It came time for the 90-Day Weigh-in on Extreme Weight Loss. Chris told them that he had given the couple the “joint goal of losing 150 pounds.” Mulvey got weighed first. He weighed 220 pounds, having lost 86 pounds, doing his part to contribute to the 150 pound goal.

Heidi said the scale needs to say 185 pounds or less for them to have met their goal. Chris Powell was shaking his head a bit back and forth, as if in disbelief, as Extreme Weight Loss went to yet more commercials.

When Extreme Weight Loss returned, Mulvey said “I was excited, nervous, and worried.” Brown weighed in at 183 pounds, also showing she wanted to help contribute to their weight loss goals as a couple.

Brown gave Heidi a gift on Extreme Weight Loss, one asking her to be “her bridesmaid.” Heidi told her “yes.” Mulvey asked Chris to be “his groomsman,” and Chris also said “yes.”

When Mulvey and Brown got ready to go, the Powells met with them and gave Bryce the goal of weighing 210 pounds and Amber the goal in Phase II of ending up weighing 165 pounds.

Mulvey said he had to work on his “dance moves and wedding moves.” Mulvey just had to lose 10 more pounds during the next three months.

The couple went home and had an engagement party there. Heidi Powell introduced the new Brown and Mulvey.

Mulvey said to the audience they “had lost a combined 152 pounds together.” He said to the camera he felt “an overwhelming amount of support.”

Brown got to meet with her dad and said she would see him again soon. She wanted to tell him how she had felt all those years he had been drinking and away from her.

It was very difficult for both Mulvey and Brown to say goodbye to each other. Mulvey said to the camera “I know that this next phase is going to be difficult for both of us, but we will be even stronger when we come back together.”

Following another break, Brown got to meet with her dad and she told him about her “secret eating.” She told him that “eating was her way of coping.” He told her he was sorry he had put her through that, and he said “I never, ever realized.” He said “we should be able to talk to each other about anything.”

Brown said to the camera “It was good to be heard.” She told him “moving forward things are only going to get better and better.”

Mulvey made the decision “to close my business down.” He also wanted to make sure he used the two hours to work out like he was supposed to do. Chris Powell checked up on him, to see if he was really working out still and also not seeing Amber.

Chris saw he was working out, but he wondered why Mulvey was loading up his car with boxes at his work. Chris asked him about it later that day, and Mulvey told Chris he had decided to close his business down. It was not as important to him anymore. Chris said “I had no idea!”

After still more commercials on Extreme Weight Loss, Brown was running with her dog and working out at 3:30 in the morning. A bit later, Brown got to meet with “Duff” Goldman, who told her he was going to make her wedding cake.

Brown sampled a few of the cakes and Goldman told her “There’s no butter in there.” He said rice flour and garbanzo bean flour had been used, and avocados. The frosting was “made with tofu,” Goldman said. She chose the chocolate cake, saying that Bryce would love it.

Then, Brown talked to the camera and said that she and Mulvey talked on the phone and she wondered if their getting married in January was a good idea, with Mulvey having quit his job. Heidi said to the camera that she and Chris had been checking up on the couple, and she caught them seeing each other, right as Extreme Weight Loss went to another break.

In Los Angeles, California, Heidi gave Brown a bachelorette party. Heidi said that they would be playing paintball, and split up into the Red and Yellow teams. They would be playing in their bridesmaids’ dresses, and Brown would be wearing an old wedding dress.

Brown had a lot of fun, and said “It was a way to sneak another workout in.” The Yellow team won, with Heidi and Brown on it.

Heidi told her when they were alone “I do know that you have been seeing Bryce.” Brown said “It was really hard not seeing him. I said some things that were hurtful to him and I wanted to explain what I said to him.”

Heidi told her she had not been keeping her “commitments and promises.” She added “It makes me wonder what the rest of their marriage will be like.” Brown apologized and said that she should have let the Powells know about the situation before she did anything on her own.

Chris brought Mulvey out to the Richard Petty Driving Experience for his bachelor’s party. But first, he told Mulvey that “Today, you won’t be driving — you will be pushing for 1.5 miles.” If he succeeded in the challenge, Chris would throw him a bachelor’s party. Mulvey pushed the car around the track in 44 minutes.

Then, later that day, Mulvey got into one car and Chris got into another for a race. The Strip in Los Vegas was shut down, for famous race car drivers to do burn-outs, and Mulvey and Chris took advantage of that by having a head-to-head race. They had a fun time, and then, later, Chris met with Mulvey. He did not think that Mulvey looked different, so he surprised him with a weigh-in.

Mulvey weighed in at 218, having lost just two pounds. “That’s not okay,” Chris told him. Mulvey still had time to lose the other eight pounds, but Chris said he would be keeping a closer eye on him and helping him lose the final eight pounds. Then, Extreme Weight Loss headed to still more commercials.

When the episode of Extreme Weight Loss came back on, it was the wedding day of Mulvey and Brown. They arrived together as music was playing for their outdoor wedding. Brown said of her soon-to-be-husband, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have met him.”

The wedding was one of the highlights of the Extreme Weight Loss episode. Mulvey told the camera “seeing her coming down the aisle, it was like seeing a supermodel.”

They exchanged wedding vows that they had written for each other. “I will never stop fighting for the success of our relationship,” Mulvey told her.

When Mulvey had first met Brown, he said he told her he would never, ever get married again. But, he said that she was the person he was meant to be with.

After their wedding on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris and Heidi spoke and the couple had their final weigh-in. Amber Mulvey weighed in first, Heidi told her she needed to lose 28 pounds to meet her final weight loss goal.

The scales were calibrated to take into account the weight of her wedding dress. She weighed 155 pounds, hitting her weight loss goal perfectly. “For the first time in my life, I kept a promise to myself,” she said.

Then, it was time for Bryce to weigh in. After having only lost two pounds, he had spent time with the Powells in Arizona. Scenes were shown of his weight-loss journey, and then…Extreme Weight Loss again headed to another commercial break.

Extreme Weight Loss came back, with Bryce weighing in for the final time. He hit 205 pounds, besting his weight loss goal by five pounds. He had lost 1001 pounds in six months.

“What’s next for you guys?” Heidi asked them. Bryce said that they wanted to open up a gym of their own and help other people.

When Chris Powell gave Bryce and Amber the opportunity to “pay it forward,” by giving a week-long gift certificate to the Colorado Boot Camp to someone they knew, Bryce chose a friend of his. Then, there were scenes of Bryce and Amber’s first dance, cutting the wedding cake and trying it, Bryce swinging his son by his arms, and hugging.

Later Chris asked “So, how was the wedding night?”

Bryce jokingly replied “After all that cardio, I was ready to run a marathon.”

That was the conclusion of the final episode of Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight, featuring the six-month-long weight-loss journey of Bryce and Amber. The three couples who were featured all underwent incredible transformations, both physically and within themselves, dealing with what led them to gain the weight in the first place. The couple last week ultimately split up before their scheduled wedding day, but each of the three episodes were inspirational examples of what people can achieve if they give it their all and follow goals they set.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight Bryce and Amber

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