Jared Padalecki Celebrates Birthday With New Always Keep Fighting Campaign


Jared Padalecki has chosen to celebrate his birthday with a new Always Keep Fighting campaign, to once more bring awareness to mental health. This is the third such fundraising event the actor has run in an effort to raise awareness for people dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, addiction and other mental health issues. In fact, the last campaign was a joint effort between himself and his fellow Supernatural costar, Jensen Ackles. At the time, the design for the fundraising campaign was a combination of both actors’ faces and the words “Moose and Squirrel say Always Keep Fighting.”

The Always Keep Fighting campaign has been an ongoing effort since March, when the actor launched his first shirt. Since then it has grown into a bigger movement which even brought together hundreds of fans at Comic-Con in San Diego. The fans at the annual event were given electric tealights and cards with words of inspiration and instructions on when to activate those lights. During the Supernatural panel the audience held up their lit tealights with many calling out the name of the campaign as a show of support to Padalecki and his fellow cast members.

PadaleckiOn July 19, the actor posted a new video to his Facebook page, in which he starts by wishing himself a happy birthday, while also thanking everyone for their birthday wishes and love. In the post, Padalecki expresses his feelings of being humbled and impressed by all of the love he has been shown by his fans and followers.

The post was also a way to kick off the third round of his Always Keep Fighting campaign. As Padalecki says, “the third time’s the charm.” In the video he showed his followers his tea light from Comic-Con, which was part of the organized movement to show the actor the support he has received in a visual display. Then he showed the new shirt and told fans that now he has his light with him, as the tea light has now been incorporated into the new design.

On the newest shirt for the Always Keep Fighting campaign, there is once more a picture of Padalecki with moose antlers behind him and the appearance of light behind that. Under the image is the words of the campaign, with a lit tealight candle.

In celebration of his birthday, Padalecki posted on the new Always Keep Fighting campaign page on Represent, “It’s been a struggle, but I’ve kept on fighting. My only birthday ask is that you guys Always Keep Fighting too.”

The new campaign has a goal of 1,000 shirts, but within less than two hours of the fundraiser going live the goal had already been shattered, as over 2,000 shirts had already been sold. The proceeds from this fundraising campaign will once more go to a joint fund which was set up previously by Padalecki and Ackles, as well as an assortment of other causes which will promote the awareness of mental health.

Fans who are once more interested in taking part in the newest Always Keep Fighting campaign as a way to celebrate Padalecki’s birthday, can visit the Represent site to purchase the latest design. The new fundraiser is set to run until July 30, 2015.

By Kimberley Spinney


Jared Padalecki’s Facebook Page
Represent – Jared Padalecki’s “AKF – Part III”

Photo Courtesy of Rick McMaster’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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  1. Kimberley Spinney   July 19, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    The link to the campaign for anyone interested is represent.com/jared

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