Sinead O’Connor Attacks Kim Kardashian and Her Rolling Stone Cover

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According to The International Business Times, Sinead O’Connor is not happy with Kim Kardashian‘s July Rolling Stone Magazine cover. O’Connor has attacked Kardashian herself and the cover and is appalled that the magazine chose this particular cover girl. The singer has even taken to social media to request that music fans boycott the magazine and the July issue featuring the reality star. On the cover, Kardashian is wearing a sailor outfit that is rather skimpy and the issue features a long article about the star and an interview.

Upon seeing the cover, O’Connor went online attacking both Kardashian and Rolling Stone Magazine. The singer posted about how music is officially dead and the magazine itself is to blame for murdering it. She added that no one else in the music industry can take the blame in this case. The Irish singer questioned why the magazine would use the reality star at all on the cover considering the fact that she is not in the music industry and the magazine is about music. She also pointed out that Bob Dylan, who is a huge music legend, must be horrified along with other legends. Kardashian

O’Connor continued by mocking Kardashian and different comments she has made including one about how she rarely smiles because it leads to wrinkles. The singer then started a hashtag promoting a boycott of Rolling Stone and its July issue. Many fans liked her post and even shared it on social media. Many agreed with her and echoed her sentiments. Some individuals spoke of how they were just as disgusted as the singer and encouraged others to join in on the conversation. O’Connor’s attack on Rolling Stone and Kardashian definitely has rounded up at least a few supporters according to IBT.

Some fans pointed out how Rolling Stone is a music magazine not a porn one and they are annoyed. Others said that they have not taken the magazine seriously in a long time and this cover choice does not help. While the haters are present, there are some that like Kardashian on the cover. One fan stated that this is not the first time that a non-music related person has graced the cover, so she did not see what the big deal was. Another said that there have been far more risque covers than Kardashian’s July cover.

O’Connor is determined to gain additional supporters and continues to claim that she has no respect for Kardashian or Rolling Stone Magazine. In the words of one of her followers, O’Connor finds the cover to be a shame and distasteful. According to Franchise Herald, the singer’s post has received thousands of likes and several hundred thousand shares. The magazine is being flooded with tons of negative comments and the internet is booming with negative reactions as well. O’Connor has set off a chain reaction and this is only the beginning, more comments and shares are sure to follow, the article said.

The Irish Examiner made note of the fact that the reality star has never shown signs of musical ambition, so many fans feel that she has no place in the magazine. The actress did star in the video for Bound 2, a song by her husband Kanye West. This is the only known case of Kardashian involving herself in the music industry. Whether comments are positive or negative, either way O’Connor’s post is generating some buzz.

O’Connor is no stranger to the act of speaking out. The article mentioned how in 2013, she attacked Miley Cyrus for her behavior. She told Cyrus to be mindful of her actions and how she portrays herself to her fans, especially young ones who look up to her. She also warned her about how the music industry will milk artists for all they are worth, even forcing them to prostitute themselves in the process. O’Connor’s attack on Kardashian and Rolling Stone Magazine, like the one on Cyrus, is gaining plenty of attention and all signs point to the fact that the singer is not finished speaking out.

By Heather Granruth


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