Miley Cyrus Attacked by Sinead O’Connor Again


According to the latest reports, Miley Cyrus was attacked by Sinead O’Connor again. The two of them embarked on their very publicised row in October 2013, after Miley said that Sinead’s video Nothing Compares 2U was in fact an inspiration for her Wrecking Ball provocative video.

After that, O’Connor responded by publishing a public letter, in which she told Cyrus that she was being exploited by the music industry. In her respond to this letter, the young singer then shared a series of tweets questioning Sinead’s mental health, alluding to a period in which she was seeking medical help. O’Connor later sent two additional letters to Cyrus, who grew increasingly furious and she even threatened with legal action.

One year after their first feud, Sinead did it again. If people were ever wondering whether or not O’Connor agrees with the antics of the Wrecking Ball singer, they most certainly got their answer when Sinead shared an image of Miley on her website, along with the caption, in which O’Connor was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Miley’s parents, because they appear to be missing in action.

Sinead wrote that there is not a single person on earth that would ever be allowed to photograph, film or watch her daughter dressed as a stripper with a load of cash stuck in her mouth. O’Connor said that the image is the exact opposite of female empowerment and then she went onto discussing the sexualisation of young women in music.

Furthermore, Sinead wrote that if people imagine that she is talking bollox, they should remember that no one believed that priests were sexualising minors either. O’Connor, who recently released the album I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss and is currently on tour in New York, added that she has a history of being right about these things.

The Nothing Compares 2u singer said that Miley is unconsciously involving in the sexualisation of minors and that she obviously does not care whether the artists in question feel that it is their choice to choose how they will be sold to the public. In her captions, Sinead also wrote that their under age audiences have been given no choice as to whether or not they wish to be sexualised before their natural time.

According to O’Connor, this particular photo of Cyrus is the very image of what the industry has done to the musicians and to the music. “And they have done it, because musicians are the heroes of the young. We are to look sexy and shut up. And we do it for the money,” Sinead wrote. O’Connor concluded her thoughts by cheerily noting that a “whole generation is groomed and silenced” and is again ignoring any issue of autonomy on the part of young female musicians.

Cyrus did not respond to Sinead’s attack yet, but several people belive that the young singer will not be quiet and that she will strike back. According to some reports, the feud between these two singers could get pretty hot, since none of them is afraid to speak up for what they belive in.

By: Janette Verdnik

Daily Mail
Toronto Sun

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