Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader Play Spitting Cops in ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

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Tonight was no ordinary night on the Tonight Show, as host Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests were Saturday Night Live alum, Bill Hader, and from the upcoming flick, Paper Towns, based on the best-selling novel by the same name, actress Cara Delevingne! Actor Judd Apatow also stopped by, and Fallon and Hader were in a “Point Pleasant Police Department” skit together dressed as cops, spitting food everywhere, but mostly on each other. The show’s musical guest tonight was Years & Years.

Fallon began the Tonight Show by being greeted with a standing ovation from the studio audience. After that, he did his monologue, joking about topics like the Espy Awards. He said he was “proud to announce that he took home the award for the second year for Crying the Most While On a Treadmill.”

Fallon also made jokes about Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Carson said he thought that Trump would make a good running mate, calling him “smart” and “fun.” Fallon then showed a montage of Trump in different poses and locations, calling him things like “sassy Trump.”

He said that “Google is adding a new feature which will allow people to shop through whatevert heir Searches are.” Fallon also stated that there will be “a new Disney theme park in China,” and he gave an update on escaped drug lord, El Chapo. The cost of digging the tunnel he used to escape through was reportedly $5.5 million.

Fallon then said there was footage of El Chapo leaving through a hole in the bathroom. “I think we’re the only ones who have footage of him coming up out of the hill,” Fallon said, showing a clip of a man with a red running suit on and a mustache coming out of a hole on a golf course, to the tune of “I’m All Right” from Caddyshack.

Fallon talked about some of his upcoming guests, then said that Bill Hader, from Trainwreck, was on tonight and actress Cara Delevingne from Paper Towns. He stated that the musical guest would be Years & Years

Next, Fallon did his weekly Hashtags comedy segment, called #MyDumbInjury. Here are some of the tweets Fallon shared: “I dislocated my knee playing charades and everybody thought it was part of playing Charades.” Another one was “Once I was at a dance doing the Worm and split my chin on the dance floor. I kept on dancing off as if nothing happened.” Yet another person tweeted, “I shocked myself using an old TV cord. After the third shock, I sat down and forgot what I was doing.”

Then, Judd Apatow came out, interrupting the Tonight Show, saying he was worried about Fallon’s injury. He said it was “also an incredible marketing opportunity.” Apatow was there to promote his movie, Trainwreck. He attached some advertising to Fallon’s cast on his hand.

Tonight Show

Fallon introduced his first guest on the Tonight Show, Bill Hader, and congratulated him on getting an Emmy nomination for his work on Saturday Night Live. Hader congratulated Fallon, for getting nominated three times.

Then on the Tonight Show, Fallon asked Hader about his daughters. He said he has three of them, and one, Hannah, acted like Sophia the First, from the Disney animated series.

“You are fantastic in the film! You are so great!” Fallon told Hader. “You act great against LeBron James!”

On the Tonight Show, Hader talked about one scene in which he played one-on-one basketball against James. James killed him, but in one take, Hader scored a lay-up on James and then celebrated, messing the take up. Fallon set up a clip from Trainwreck, with Hader and James in it. The clip was pretty humorous, and Amy Schumer is reportedly also hilarious in the movie.

Tonight Show

After a break on the Tonight Show, Fallon brought up a time when he and Hader had starred in a TV series called Point Pleasant Police Department. He said “I just happen to have found a clip.” In the clip, Fallon and Hader, dressed up like cops, tried to hold a conversation with each other with their mouths full of food, and using words that started with the letter “p” a lot. They ended up spitting food all over each other, of course.

Hader said “I remember that. It was a good one.”

“We have another clip from it,” Fallon said. “No, No!” Hader replied. There was more eating and more spitting of food on each other. Hader fed Fallon chocolate pudding from a spoon he had. They argued about “Pepsi” and “Perrier,” and ended up with both beverages all over their faces and clothes, along wiht a lot of food.

On the Tonight Show, Fallon said “I think we have one more clip from the show. Check this out, right here!”

There was an entire table of food in front of them, and they cracked each other up, doing tongue twisters using the letter “p,” and spitting food all over each other. Hader even knocked Fallon’s policeman’s hat off of his head with a direct hit. Afterward, Hader went up to the show’s announcer, Steve Higgins, and also got him with food he spit out.

Tonight Show

When the Tonight Show returned, Fallon introduced his second guest, Paper Towns actress, Cara Delevingne. She and Fallon traded off each other’s accents, she doing an American one, and he doing an English one. They talked about Paper Towns, then Fallon showed a clip from the movie. She said “There’s a lot of Bloopers from that film.”

Fallon mentioned that Delevingne had said she liked to “Beatbox.” He said he just happened to have a machine there if she wanted to try it out. Cara did it, sounding terrific! Fallon even asked a member of The Roots to add some lyrics to it, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, and the result was pretty amazing.

Tonight Show

Following another commercial break, Fallon introduced Years & Years performing King from their latest album, Communion. They did a great job, and the lead singer had a soaring, powerful voice, singing about having been “a king on the open road.” The group is an electronic trio combining 80s synth-pop with the dance grooves on Timberlake.

Was the Tonight Show entertaining tonight? It had everything, except for Stefan, a hilarious character that Hader played sometimes on Saturday Night Live. The show had Hader, Apatow, towns made out of paper (though not literally), cop-spitting-on-cop action, El Chapo acting like a gopher from Caddyshack and even an actress “Beatboxing,” though not with actual beets.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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