JJ Watt Meets His Celeb Crush Jennifer Aniston


It was not exactly a steaming scene from a Fifty Shades of Grey novel or a tear jerking moment from Sleepless in Seattle, but when a bone crushing NFL star like JJ Watt meets his celeb crush Jennifer Aniston, believe that it will make the front pages. Watt, better known as JJ “Swatt” by his teammates and NFL Nation, was tackled by cupid on July 13, in a Los Angeles hallway. Jennifer Aniston, who played the quirky character, Rachel, on the sitcom Friends, bumped into the blonde Hulk at their talent agency CAA.

The three-time Pro Bowler said,”I am not even going to try to pretend like I acted cool when this happened.” The romantic accident unfolded when the linebacker was having a casual water fountain conversation with the talent agency’s employees. One of the employees asked the king of swat if there was anything that they could do for him. To his surprise and luck, the 46-year-old bombshell was in the building. The bashful Watt said, “I shook her hand instead of hugging her, it was a complete disaster.” The brief moment was more Seth Rogenish than The Notebook,  and was greeted by a world wind of Awwws on social media.


The first round draft pick has never been shy about his feelings for the Cake star. Recently, the tackling heart-throb posted many tweets about Aniston on his Twitter account. Meeting his celeb crush, Jennifer Aniston, JJ Watt swatted the hearts of his female followers. The pro bowler posted a snapshot of his bulking arms around Aniston, but was to gun-shy to pull the trigger on a bear hug. Watt said,”It was incredible and she is very sweet.” Judging by the defensive lineman’s face, he probably should have worn his helmet to block his blushing cheeks.

The Houston Texans will be hosting HBO’s sports reality show the Hard Life this coming season. It is the first time the Texans will be featured on the sports reality show. The Texans owner, Bob McNair, said that last year was not good for NFL public relations, but after the recent Wanderlust rendezvous between Watt and Aniston, the team will see their popularity skyrocket once the Thor look-alike makes his first curtain call on HBO.

This year the Texans will be holding their workouts in New Orleans. NFL teams have the right to refuse the show if they have a new coach, but if Jennifer Aniston slips through the tackles, it is likely the team would make an exception. Aniston recently called off her engagement to screenwriter actor Justin Theroux, after confronting the actor’s old flame over infidelity rumors. What better way for a woman to get over her ex, than cuddling up next to a 300-pound, cuddly wrecking ball with the wide smile of a third grader in love.

JJ Watt lost his cool when he met his celeb crush Jennifer Aniston, and there is not a man on this earth bold enough to tell him. Besides being at the same place at the same time, the football juggernaut and TV star share the same initials, JJ, awww. Football is America’s number one watched televised sport in the world, and half of America’s viewers will be glued to the Celebrity Crush Cam when JJ “Swatt” rumbles onto the field this coming season.

Commentary By Phillip Hernandez


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  1. Mayette de Guzman   July 21, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Jj Watt was so cute in showing his admiration 4 Jen An. I luv Jen & I believe she’s d dream date of almost every man coz she’s simply gorgeous & stunning.


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