Johnny Depp: Vanessa Paradis Parenting Lily-Rose Without Father’s Input?

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Johnny Depp is said to be furious over the fact that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis is not encouraging strict parenting rules to their daughter, Lily-Rose. The 16-year-old’s modeling career suddenly took off when Chanel reportedly approached her for an ad campaign they were interesting in featuring her in — Paradis was very much supportive of her daughter, knowing that the teen loves modeling.

Unfortunately, 52-year-old Depp is not seeing things the same way. When the Hollywood actor heard about the Chanel ad campaign and the direction that producers were planning to take it in, he felt that the whole thing was too mature for a 16-year-old to be a part of. Sources say that the Chanel ad is not inappropriate in any way, but Depp just did not agree with the concept for his daughter, who he is known to be very protective of.

But it seems that neither Paradis or his daughter are paying attention to what he has to say, as the youngster is said to have agreed to star in the campaign, having received her mother’s blessings — the one she only seeks approval for. Depp was reportedly livid to hear that things had moved forward without his knowledge, but it seems that both mother and daughter are on the same level when it comes to decision-making and parenting.

It was heavily reported at the time of Depp’s split to Paradis that their daughter resented her father for breaking up with her mother, only to then learn that daddy had a new girlfriend named Amber Heard. She would be the woman who would be proposed to just months after dating him — a huge slap in the face for Paradis, who was nothing more than Depp’s girlfriend for more than a decade.

His daughter allegedly believed that her parents could have worked it out had it not been for Heard, who married Depp earlier this year. The 16-year-old, who lives with her mother, has very much sided with Paradis since the split, and while Depp sees no problem in his daughter wanting to follow her dreams as a model, as a father, he still has the right to call the decisions. “Johnny is over-protective. Vanessa is more encouraging of her wild, artistic side, and she already has a major studio in love with Lily,” a source explains to OK! magazine.

Chanel is a company that is well-respected in the industry, hence why fans have already wondered why Depp is so worried about his daughter working with the brand. Depp’s fans have shared their thoughts on social media, saying that when Chanel calls to work with someone, there should be no reason why that person would want to decline the offer as it is an extraordinary opportunity that can open doors for young girls, especially aspiring models. Another user said that the actor should be proud that his daughter is chasing her dreams without his help. While she could easily use her last name to land herself any modeling campaign she wanted, she is doing it her way.

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