Ellen Degeneres, Rossi Plan Wedding Renewal on TV, Debunk Divorce Rumors?



Ellen Degeneres wants to celebrate gay marriage by renewing her vows to Portia de Rossi on live television, it is being alleged. The idea first came to the talk show’s mind following the government’s ruling that gay marriage was set to become legal in all states — a moment Degeneres had hoped to see all her life, being a huge representative for the LGBT community.

To celebrate and mark such a historic moment, Degeneres plans on renewing her vows live on television, with insiders already alleging that it will most likely air on the 57-year-old’s own self-titled talk show. The former comedienne had already wanted to renew her vows sometime this summer following a string of tabloid rumours regarding her supposed crumbling marriage to Rossi, so the idea to have it all shown on television has excited Degeneres by all means.

Throughout 2014, Rossi and her partner were hit with cheating claims and divorce rumours that originally stemmed from reports, which alleged that neither of the two was happy in their marriage. Some outlets claimed that Degeneres developed a drinking problem from her fights with her wife, which resulted in her unusual behavior when she would tape episodes for her highly popular talk-show. Meanwhile, Rossi was reported to have checked into rehab in 2014 for what outlets believed to be an ongoing drug addiction battle.

This, along with both of their own supposed struggles, was enough to tear the couple apart. But all is well now — at least, according to the duo themselves, as they make arrangements to renew their vows. Degeneres and Rossi are looking at this as a way to start a new chapter in their lives, one source explained. While they have never spoken about the tabloid rumours in public, fans have questioned why the Hollywood couple are so secretive and do not even want to clear their name from such rumors. Maybe there was some truth to it after all?

Regardless of what has transpired in the past, the couple wants to renew their vows and start a new beginning — whether that is on live television or at a regular ceremony with friends and family members. The 57-year-old talk-show host will soon be turning 60, which has already led insiders to believe that she will soon retire from her hosting duties, giving her more time to work on her marriage with Rossi.

When considering the fact that Rossi was very vulnerable as a teenager, who suffered from anorexia and bulimia, it is not hard to believe the rumours that the actress may still be suffering from some form of illness. Battling something to the extent of bulimia does not disappear over the course of years, but it can be controlled. Who knows what else the Scandal star has dealt with, but with reports having claimed in the past that the 42-year-old needed treatment for an alleged drug addiction, it is understandable as to why the twosome want a new beginning.

By Maurice Cassidy


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