Kanye West Given the Red Light in Canada

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The revered artist known as “Yeezus”, Kanye West, has been given the red light by Canada and its Torontorians. The rap star with hits such as Black Skinhead, who is not gun-shy when it comes to creating his own controversies, was asked by Canada not to close out the ending ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games on July 26. The announcement of Kanye West’s upcoming performance received a barrage of negative reactions.

The announcement was tweeted, and broke the internet. Canadian fans rushed to the web and were wondering why Canada’s rap son, Drake, was not on the bill. When the news was confirmed, a Change.org petition was requested for his exit from the event. The petition had over 35,000 signatures against the bad boy’s upcoming performance. The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, said that they would have preferred to have had a real Canadian performing, preferably Drake.

Canada’s fear of being “Kanyed” probably has a lot to do with Yeezus’s past shenanigans and reckless reputation. During the 2009 MTV Awards, country\pop star Taylor Swift, received the Best Female Video Award. Before she could give her well awaited acceptance speech, the black panther of hip hop rushed the stage, grabbed the microphone from her hand and expressed his negative expressions. As Swift stood there, numb, the rapper said” I’m sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best albums of all time.” Kanye West is best friends with the soul diva’s husband, rap mogul Jay-Z.

It was the “Shoutout” heard across the world, as West channeled the reckless spirit of Tupac Shakur during the MTV moment. Swift was devastated and the Can’t tell me Nothing rapper solidified his reputation as a menacing bad boy, with a zoo on his shoulders. The rapper also walked out of the 2004 American Music Awards, after losing the Best New Artist title to country singer Gretchen Wilson.

After the announcement, Canadian tweeters demanded that Drake be the front liner at the Pan American Games ceremony. At a press conference,  a reporter asked the Mayor of Toronto if he was a Kanye West fan, but he layed his head down and chuckled. He explained that he was smart enough to know that West was a product of the Canadian music industry, uhh yeah. Obviously the mayor has not seen Mr.West’s blog pageCanada has given Kanye West the red light, but that has never stopped Yeezus before. One patriotic Canadian tweeted” It’s not that we don’t want Kanye to perform, they were just angry that the events organizers had chosen an American musician, instead of a home-grown Canadian, like Drake or the Weekend.

In 2014 Drake attacked Rolling Stone Magazine for saying that he dissed Kanye’s lyrics on one of his records, but Drake denied that it ever happened, and said that he never commented on Yeezus. Kanye and Drake buried their grudges, when they appeared together on stage at Drizzy’s OVO Fest in Toronto. The Canadian rapper said that the performance with Kanye was the most important moment in his career to date.

Toronto does not seem to mind that Pitbull, who is Cuban-American, is performing along with the rapper. Canada has put the red light to Kanye West’s performance, to no avail, because Yeezus will bless the stage on July 26. It is not the Canadian Games, it is the Pan American games, and is for all Americans. One Toronto fan said he does not mind, as long as Kanye stays away from the awarding of the medals.

By Phillip Hernandez


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