‘The Revenant’ Debuts With Heartstopping Trailer [Video]

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The Revenant

“I’m not afraid to die”. The Revenant  debuts with a heartstopping trailer, packed with blood and bullets. The period film that resembles the classic Westerns of old, stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Mad Max:Fury Road’s Tom Hardy. Alehandro Inarritu, the director, is one of the hottest directors in Hollywood, and recently rejuvenated the career of Michael Keaton, who won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for playing Riggan Thomson in the black comedy, Birdman.

Alejandro Inarritu is the first Mexican director to be nominated for Best Director and the Director’s Guild of America Award for  Outstanding Directing. The star power has always been there for the filmmaker. He directed Brad Pitt in Babel, which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture. The eye dazzling cinematography of New York, is a trademark by the directors right hand man, Emmanuel Lubezki. The Oscar-winning Cinematographer  captains the lens of the western thriller, as seen in the trailer.

 The Revenant’s screenplay was adapted from Michael Punke’s 2003 novel, which was also has the same name. It was written by the director along with Mark L.Smith. The Revenant is based on the life of Hugh Glass. It is a 19th century western that follows Glass, who is a fur trapper that is attacked by a bear and left to die. Spoiler Alert. When his friends leave Glass to die, he survives and sets out his revenge on his betrayers.The Revenant debuts with a heartstopping trailer and like all westerns, revenge is always the motive. just ask Clint Eastwood. Unforgiven, which won the Oscar for best motion picture, is a classic example of a hero driven by revenge and redemption.

The Revenant is scored with Indian war drums and the exasperated heartbeat of Glass as he rides along attacking warriors. The snow filled landscapes that swallow Glass, are reminiscent of  Charles Bronson’s western classic The White Buffalo, and Warren Beatty’s classic, McCabe and Mrs.Miller. The movie also stars Will Poulter, We’re the Millers. Leonardo’s portrayal  as the frontiersman, Glass, resembles the intensity and paranoia of Dicaprio’s  Departed role as Officer William Costigan.

The Revenant debuts with a heartstopping trailer that marks the return of the Western genre. Not to say that Quinten Tarantino’s effort, Django Unchained, was not worthy, it seemed more like someone’s idea of what a western should be. The overblown soundtracks of Tarantino did not fit in his spaghetti western, and was not well received by critics. Even though the movie earned him an Oscar for best screenplay, the feeling of a Clint Eastwood noir was absent. The scores of Eastwood’s westerns are what made them timeless classics.

When Glass says that “he isn’t afraid to die,” there is a good chance that Dicaprio will be seeing the same clip playedat the Oscars. ‘The Revenant’ debuts with a heartstopping trailer, and we see glimpses of DiCaprio’s brilliance. Judging by the scenes in the trailer, following Glass on his journey, puts all Western movie fans back into the saloons and into the boots of outlaws. The movie will be released on Christmas, 2016.

Review by Phillip Hernandez


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