Venus Retrograde May Be Stronger Than Usual

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde started on July 25 and may just be stronger than usual. This is because there are a few aspects in the sky that will make her voyage pivotal towards Earth’s perspective.

Although Venus does not literally move backward, occasionally from Earth’s perspective it does. When this happens, many astrologers believe events will happen in one’s personal life which will match ruling characteristics a planet is known to rule. For example, whenever Mercury goes retrograde, issues involving communication, contracts, and technology are believed to be affected by this planet. That is because, in astrology, Mercury is known as “The Messenger.” Not only that, Mercury is known for its speedy rotation around the sun, as well as its mental influence.

Although astrology is still considered a pseudoscience, many people who follow it believe that planets and certain stars have an influence on one’s life and even natural character. It is also considered, at times, a factor in determining one’s fate. Astrology is also believed to impact major social events according to the impact of certain transits, alignments, and planet positions.

Venus Retrograde is set to occur July 25 and will last until September 6. Venus is known in astrology to rule matters involving relationships, money, and beauty. When this planet goes in reverse according to Earth’s perspective, astrologers believe it is a sign to hold off on certain commitments and decisions involving matters just listed.

This year’s Venus Retrograde may just be stronger than usual due to certain factors involving the signs of the horoscope, Uranus retrograde, and the star, Regulus. There are also historical religious implications which have been applied to Venus Retrograde, which include a transit consisting of forty days and forty nights. During this time, Venus is known to set in the West and later, rise in the East.

Venus is usually associated with being the brightest planet to shine toward Earth, which is due to its close proximity, of course. However, in historical times, the neighborly planet was seen as the Morning Star or attributed to the ancient Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.

While Venus went retrograde on July 25, Uranus went retrograde the next day. In fact, during the week of July 26 to August 2, six cosmic bodies will be in retrograde motion, which include the planets just listed, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron.

While this Venus Retrograde may be stronger than usual, other factors are shaping the world of astrology. For example, many astrologers already know that Saturn being retrograde in the sign of Scorpio brings a hard awareness of intensity. Extreme issues may be put to a test which one may dwell upon due to restrictive aspects associated with Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn also square off and this may bring friction to one’s perspective. Jupiter in the constellation of Leo and Saturn in Scorpio may bring issues which deal with a sort of war between light and dark. Again, Saturn in Scorpio may test one’s limits and passions while Jupiter in Leo may shine optimism and prefer to take center stage. While this happens, Venus will retrograde in the constellation of Virgo, which may also bring up matters dealing with purity and utilitarianism.

Jupiter will also move into Virgo during this Venus Retrograde and the star Regulus, which is known to stay in the constellation of Leo, will also move into Virgo. Thus, this year’s Venus Retrograde may just be stronger than usual. It would be wise to consider certain aspects of this pseudoscience if one might have any beliefs related to cosmic powers affecting life here on Planet Earth.

Opinion By Liz Pimentel

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  1. Venus in the 12th   August 1, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Pseudoscience? Must study a bit of Astrology to actually REALIZE that the way it’s up there, it’s the same way down here. Astrology is all about observation, calculation and interpretation.

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