Could Bobbi Kristina’s Inheritance Be the Real Cause of Death?

Bobbi Kris

After several years of mental anguish and months of medical facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown can finally rest in peace. The young woman has been miserable since the passing of her mother, whose death she ironically or eerily mirrored. Everyone has had their say in who is to blame for this untimely demise, but could her inheritance be the true cause of death?

Nick Gordon, Brown’s significant other, has been under heavy scrutiny since she was found unresponsive in the bathtub that fateful morning. Reportedly, Gordon has a history of domestic violence and the family has accused him of foul play. Brown supposedly had unexplained bruises causing authorities to also become uncertain of Gordon’s innocence.

Brown and Gordon lived as husband and wife but were never truly married. The relationship between the couple has raised eyebrows since the late Whitney’s passing. Nick was received into the Houston household as a teen and raised alongside Brown as her big brother. Somewhere during the course of their friendship the relationship status transitioned to one of turmoil. Again, could the true cause of death be Brown’s inheritance.

Brown’s financial inheritance has been a topic of discussion since her mother died. Reportedly, the singer left her daughter millions of dollars, but that is not all the actress left Brown. Whitney was a singer second to none, but not the best example of motherhood. Instead, she spent a lot of time being her daughter’s friend and as such left her with a predisposition to substance abuse instead of the necessary life skills to survive in her absence.

Bobbi KrisIn addition to inheriting her mother’s finances and addiction to substance abuse, the troubled youngster was left without a true connection to family and the same independent nature she had witnessed from her mother. She spent a host of time traveling with her famous parents, which later included her resident “lover” brother. As a child, Brown spent a great deal of time with her aunt and uncle who loved and cared for her when her parents could not. However, during the latter years of her young life, Brown had begun to separate from the family which longed to support her.

With all of the baggage Bobbi Kris was left with, it seems as if the inheritance could be a major cause of death. Despite the people who attempted to “rescue” Brown, as well as several failed attempts at rehab, she found navigating life – void of substance abuse – almost impossible. To her credit, this was also a lesson she inherited from her parents. As a child, the budding singer witnessed both parents struggle with substance abuse in efforts to avoid their reality.

As people across the globe continue to point the finger at this person and that one, it pays to reason that her inheritance should at least be a “topic of interest” in Brown’s unfortunate end. Social media makes it seems as if people have subconsciously, or possibly intentionally, overlooked the fact that this young woman has been a tortured soul most of her life – long before Gordon became her “lifeline.” Bobbi Kris exited her mother’s womb and soon thereafter found herself in the war zone of two drug addicted parents and the shadow of stardom.

In the absence of purpose or true identity, Bobbi Kris struggled to find her way without a sense of direction. It is no secret that after Whitney passed, a downward spiral seemed to usher Brown through life. The poor child had experienced confusion and pain beyond measure without guidance or the necessary coping mechanisms. Although the 22-year-old witnessed the power of drugs firsthand, the pain of the motherless child continued to desensitize Brown to the perils of substance abuse as she continuously integrated them into her life.

The death of the only daughter Bobby Brown and the late Houston had together is without question a sad situation. Brown’s life ended much too soon and eerily in the same manner as her superstar mother. The Brown and Houston families are not denying Bobbi Kristina’s final days were marked by difficulty. Many are trying to find solace in the fact their loved one can finally rest in peace. The question remains, “Could all that Bobbi Kris inherited, money, shallow accountability, and a predisposition to substance abuse, be the real cause of death?”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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