Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Photo Sold: Body in Casket Pics to Be Revealed


Photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown laying inside her casket have been sold to a certain media outlet that plans on publishing the images for their forthcoming issue. While it is still unknown which news organization decided to make the move and make the purchase, one thing is for sure — somebody in the Houston-Brown family dared themselves to take a photo of the deceased 22-year-old.

Minutes after the news broke, Whitney Houston fans took to Twitter, bashing the family members for not only having fought over Brown’s inheritance money, but even after her death, cash is the only thing that the majority of them seemed have cared about. At least that is what sickened fans have made of the situation on social media.

The death photo of Brown laying in her casket is said to have been sold for more than $100,000, and many people are pointing their fingers at Leolah Brown, the sister to Bobby Brown. The aunt to the former reality star was notoriously known for having misled the media on numerous occasions during her niece’s time in the hospital following her bathtub collapse back in January. Back in April, she claimed that the TV-personality was improving, and would most certainly make a recovery judging by what she has seen with her own eyes.

Brown’s aunt was also said to have made a scene at the funeral on Saturday when she reportedly stood up from her seat inside the private ceremony, and verbally abused Pat Houston. “You know you are wrong for this,” she was heard screaming on the top of her lungs, before eventually being escorted out of the church, where she went to hold exclusive interviews with the press.

It is not certain whether the R&B singer’s sister was the actual person who snapped the shots, but nobody else could imagine anybody daring themselves to pull out their phone and photograph a dead body other than the person who caused the utmost havoc. An investigation is currently taking place, which has several members of the Houston family try to scoop up any evidence they can to take legal actions against the Browns. It is unlikely for there to have been CCTV cameras being installed inside the church, but whatever evidence the family can get, they will gladly take it.

As for the magazine that plans on sharing the photos next week, it is already being speculated whether it would be the National Enquirer, simply because they were also the ones who held the exclusive rights to Houston’s death photos. It ended up being the best-selling issue of any magazine for 2012, proving that the things that are sickeningly disturbing still tend to attract the masses, particularly on a story that revolves death.

It has already been confirmed that the death photos of Brown will be in one of the leading magazines by next week, but an exclusive look is most likely going to surface online later this week. Meanwhile, the Houstons and Browns have laid the 22-year-old to rest earlier today in New Jersey, where she is accompanied by her mother, who is buried right next to her.

By Maurice Cassidy


FOX411: Bobbi Kristina Brown death photo sold as family attends funeral

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