FKA Twigs Cancels Robert Pattinson Engagement Amid Career Success?


Could FKA Twigs potentially want to end her engagement to Robert Pattinson now that her career has skyrocketed? According to new reports, it seems like this is actually going to happen.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Pattinson had proposed to his fiancee — it was very low-key, and not many people were informed about the star’s plans to wed the songstress. It was accidentally spoken about by their good pal, T-Pain, who dished the news during an interview a couple of months ago, not realizing that the couple had planned on keeping it a secret.

Since then, the duo have remained silent on their forthcoming wedding plans, or better yet, the wedding that will probably never happen. Sources are alleging that the twosome will not be getting married as Twigs has notably changed since her music career began to take off earlier this year. She has been headlining festivals, covered dozens of magazines in nude photo shoots, and most of all, her music has been doing exceptionally well in the States and in the UK.

The British-born artist was a singer before she met the actor, but nobody was familiar with her work at the time. It was not until her relationship to Pattinson was confirmed that the Twilight star’s fan base began doing their research on who their crush was dating, and surprisingly liked the music that Twigs was releasing at the time.

With her latest LP having charted in the top 20 on iTunes, the 27-year-old is showing clear signs that her music is bound for commercial success, thanks to her dedication to performing on televised shows and festivals all around the world. One already has to consider how a marriage between these two would work when they are constantly away from each other.

Insiders affirm that Pattinson’s schedule is filled up for the entire year as he has just recently signed on to star in three new movies, all expected for a release in 2016. Meanwhile, Twigs is expected to continue promoting her latest musical efforts in the UK, along with several talk-show appearances that are set to follow. How can a wedding possibly be planned with this much going on in both of their lives?

Sources further note that with Twigs’ music career doing better than ever, she will probably end the engagement, but she will have her reasons in doing so. Her main priority has always been to become a credible musician in the industry — some could say that she is well on her way to becoming one. Furthermore, with Pattinson being on the road to shoot several of his upcoming movies, the duo will have little to no time for themselves.

When the actor was dating his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, the couple always made sure that their schedules allowed them enough time to be together for weeks on end before separating to go on out and continue their acting duties. But then again, when an actor is in a relationship with a musician, these are two completely different fields, which are bound to keep them apart since there is no compromising when it comes to their schedules.

Insiders believe that their engagement will soon end, stressing that Twigs will side more with her music career than with Pattinson. She is not willing to drop all that she has worked for to suddenly become a stay-at-home wife with nothing in the pipeline for herself.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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    Personally, I think FKA twigs is already a credible musician. Source: Any FKA twigs song.

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  3. tianna   August 18, 2015 at 7:49 am

    She loves him like she said and I don’t believe that she’d end their amazing relationship for her own career. You’d honestly base an article off of Celebrity Dirty Laundry when all they’ve been doing is bashing FKA twigs from the get-go? Please.


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