Katy Perry ‘Crocodile Tears:’ Pens Taylor Swift Diss Song Post-‘Bad Blood’



Katy Perry is not going to let Taylor Swift have the last laugh when it comes to throwing some serious shady remarks in diss tracks, as reports reveal that the songstress herself has been gearing up to record her own song aimed at her industry enemy. According to The Sun, Crocodile Tears is the name of the song that Perry is currently working on, which is also said to be featured on her upcoming fourth studio album.

The song supposedly details the feud between both singers, revealing what really happened, and what Perry genuinely thinks about Swift’s move to attack her in songs, such as Bad BloodWhile the whole idea to respond to Bad Blood by recording her own diss track sounds silly and absurd, Perry is refusing to back down from a fight that was Taylor’s fault to begin with, sources say. “Katy knew Diplo would be just the man to produce “Crocodile Tears” for her and has now registered it,” the insider affirms.

“So far she’s been very restrained with what she’s said about Taylor in public but is now ready to put her side across via the song – which is all about being fake.” Granted, Perry has been rather quiet when it came to addressing her differences with the 25-year-old hitmaker, but with her fourth studio album currently being in the works, the Teenage Dream singer will make sure to give Tay-Tay a taste of her own medicine.

One should note that the entire feud between Perry, real name Katherine Hudson, and Swift all started over a handful of backup dancers that were originally dancing for the 30-year-old to begin with. Following her three-year hiatus from the music industry, Perry’s backup dancers still needed financial income, and eventually learned that Swift was interested in having them join her Red tour. When Perry then went on to announce that she’s prepping for a new album (followed with a world tour), she asked for her backup dancers to come back and work with her, which they did, but Swift did not handle the news well as the group reportedly left the former country singer hanging, abruptly leaving the concert. 

In some ways, it is understandable why a singer would lose her cool and have such a negative view on their musical peer, as no matter what the situation was with the backup dancers, Perry must have known that they had been working with Swift on her own project. But it seems that there was no consideration when the 30-year-old suddenly decided she wanted her dancers back on her tour.

Whatever the case may be between the two, it seems certain that Crocodile Tears is bound to be a full-on diss track against Swift, and from what sources have said, this song is going to be much more explosive than Bad Blood. Swift was more or less throwing subliminal shade, though everybody knew who the track was aimed at, whereas Hudson will not be holding back one bit. Their ongoing feud is just beginning.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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