Masturbation, Orgasms and How Men and Women Differ


According to a survey conducted in 2009 by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), men reach orgasm more often than women. The NSSHB survey questioned 1,931 adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 59 about their most recent sexual experience. All of the participants of the survey had to have experienced a sexual encounter within 12 months of the survey. The survey concluded that 91 percent of the men reached climax during their last sexual encounter, as opposed to 64 percent of the women.

That is not all that was discovered in this short study as 85 percent of the men claimed their partners had also reached climax during their last sexual encounter, which is a much different number than the 64 percent of women who said they had reached climax. This led the NSSHB to question if there was a difference in the perception of sexual climax, as they did not believe the percentage difference could be so easily explained just by the men and women in the study referring to different sexual partners.

These reported sexual encounters were predominately heterosexual; 92 percent of the men and 98 percent of the women, according to the NSSHB. This suggests that a number of the men reported incorrectly about their partners’ sexual climax. According to FiveThirtyEight, the men either reported falsely to protect their egos or some of the women were faking their orgasms.

Other questions on the survey included the type of sexual acts participants engaged in, and whether or not their climax was experienced during the actual encounter. Men reached their climax 90 percent of the time no matter which type of sexual acts occurred during the encounter. The women’s reports, however, were quite different. Women who participated in sexual acts that included partnered masturbation, which the study defined as “masturbating with a partner, dry sex, humping, or rubbing genitals together,” brought 64 percent of the women surveyed to climax. Those women whose sexual encounters included oral sex, 81 percent of them were able to reach climax.

Anal sex seems to be almost an orgasm guarantee among both sexes, at first, as 100 percent of the men and 94 percent of the women reported achieving climax during those encounters. It should be noted, however, that these percentages are misleading as only 25 men and 31 of the female participants actually reported having anal sex during their last sexual encounter.

It should also be noted that this survey does not mean any of these individual sexual acts were solely used. In general, the more sexual acts performed in one encounter, they higher the probability was for reaching climax, according to the survey participants. Both men and women reported having an orgasm 89 percent of the time once five sexual acts had been experienced in one sexual encounter. However, there are options to help women achieve an orgasm.

According to Huffington Post, there are five different types of orgasms. Although they believe in the “tried and true” way to reach orgasm, Huffington Post says, that reaching the same type of climax can become repetitive and tedious. The following are the five different types of climaxes researched by Huffington Post and how they can be achieved.

1. The Clitoral Orgasm

This type of climax, Huffington Post says, is the standard orgasm. The clitoral orgasm comes from direct stimulation of the clitoris. This type of climax is described as sharp, bursting, localized, and short-lasting, according to a published study in the NeuroQuantology journal.

If a woman wants to experience more clitoral climaxes, New York-based sex therapist, Janet Wolfe, suggests doing it alone at first. She says that masturbation allows women to experiment and determine what works best for her to reach a climax. Wolfe also states that masturbation will also help women to feel more comfortable directing their partner to bring them to orgasm during sex.

2. The Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal climax is also called the G-spot orgasm. Not all women are able to achieve this type of climax. According to the study published in the NeuroQuantology journal, vaginal climaxes are generally reached through sexual intercourse. This orgasm has been described as a longer-lasting, total body climax. Women who are able to achieve this type of climax are more likely to also enjoy multiple orgasms, as the study suggests.

According to researchers, the G-spot might be found on the front vaginal wall. During sex, if the man targets that spot by entering the vagina from behind, and, according to the study, changing positions after a while, and often, will also help to achieve the vaginal climax. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the vaginal orgasm is more likely to be experienced the longer sex lasts, therefore, continuously changing positions can help a woman’s partner to maintain the necessary stamina.

3. The Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is achieved when a clitoral and a vaginal climax are achieved at the same time. This orgasm can last anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes and end in a “giant” climax, according to the medical research read by Huffington Post, the medical research actually used the word, “giant.”

In order to experience this climax, double the effort is required. According to sex therapist, Jane Greer, PhD, there are some women who believe that the missionary position is the best way to reach this type of climax, because during penetration, the clitoris is naturally rubbed. However, Greer says that if the woman is on top the blended climax might be reached because she has more control over the areas that receive the most attention.

4. The Coregasm

This orgasm is brought on through exercise. Darby Herbenick, Ph.D., sex researcher, and author of The Coregasm Workout says, this climax is not as intense but is a pleasurable orgasm. Herbenick says, if it gets women to the gym more often, then go for it.

This exercise-induced climax requires an increase in heart rate. After some cardio, Herbenick suggests working on the core of the body. Exercises such as hanging leg raises, which work the lower abs, are good for experiencing the coregasm, but the core muscles have to be worked passed the point of fatigue. She says that coregasms begin in the abs before moving down to the vagina.

5. The Skin Orgasm

The skin orgasm is experienced through listening to a piece of powerful music. This climax is external and feels like chills and may cause goosebumps. This feeling is called a frisson, which is a “musically induced effect associated with a pleasant tingling feeling,” according to a study Frontiers in Psychology published. Researchers have come to believe this feeling is triggered through the unexpected changes in the music. These changes are dramatic and include jumps from soft to loud, sudden key changes, and anything else that makes the mind have to change gears quickly.

So far, researchers have found that the only music that is linked to a frisson, is classical music because it is riddled with chord changes and crescendos. However, researchers that conducted this study, say people are more likely to experience a physical reaction to familiar music. An example explained in the study was Gravity by Sara Bareilles. The researchers say that at around 2:50 when she breaks free from the background music is “skin-tillating.”

By Jeanette Smith


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